– by Joseph Jammer Medina


Threshold Entertainment and the Tetris Company have come out and announced that a film is currently in the works based on the classic game from the 80s. According to Threshold’s CEO Larry Kasanoff, they’re planning “a very big, epic sci-fi movie.” 

The Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy blog broke the story. They spoke to Kasanoff about the movie, and he had plenty to say. “This isn’t a movie with a bunch of lines running around the page. We’re not giving feet to the geometric shapes,” insists Kasanoff. “Brands are the new stars of Hollywood,” he told Speakeasy. He also added, “We have a story behind ‘Tetris’ which makes it a much more imaginative thing.”

Kasanoff knows a thing or two about how to turn a video game brand into a profitable film. He was behind the 1995 video game adaptation Mortal Kombat.

You have to hand it to the guy. He talks a big game.

“We certainly have the canvas for location-based entertainment based on the epicness,” he said. “What you [will] see in ‘Tetris’ is the teeny tip of an iceberg that has intergalactic significance,” Kasanoff concluded.

All righty, then. 


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