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The CW’s Arrow returns for its sixth season this October, and for fans who’ve stuck with the show since Season 1, this has to feel like a brand new beginning. Oliver (Stephen Amell) has fully embraced his role as Star City’s protector, Green Arrow, becoming a true leader and inspiration to his city.

However, the events in the Season 5 finale left a lot of open questions (including doubts about who survived Prometheus’ deadly hostage scenario on the island of Lian Yu).

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According to TVLine, the Season 6 premiere picks up several months later, and we slowly learn the details of who lived and who died. In classic Arrow fashion, these details will be rolled out via flashbacks! That’s right everybody, Arrow has a flashback problem, an addiction it just can’t shake; we’re nowhere near done with this gimmick, like it or not.

Judging by the new cast members, returning characters, and a doubling-down of the street-level crime focus, Season 6 is shaping-up to be one of the series’ best yet. Deathstroke (Manu Bennett) is back in a regular role; his story arc involves the search for his missing son, Joe Wilson (Liam Hall). If you’re wondering how we’re going to discover more about Deathstroke this season? You guessed it: flashbacks!

DC Comic’s anti-hero Richard Dragon (Kirk Acevedo) is this season’s big bad; although, we have a lot of questions regarding Acevedo’s martial arts prowess (if any). Regardless, this is a tremendous villain to add to the show, if he’s a tenth as violent and vicious as he was in the comics, then we’re in for something awesome!

Series co-showrunner, Wendy Mericle, explains:

“Oliver is going to be in some hot water, in a way we haven’t seen before. [Samandra Watson]’s going to get very close to the truth about what Oliver has been up to.”

Additionally, we’re finally going to learn the identity of the oddly named Vigilante character (and who’s team he’s playing for). Black Canary (Juliana Harkavy) will also become more central to the team, earning a sleek new black costume inspired by the comics.

Regarding Vigilante, Mericle says:

“Who he is and what he’s up to is very personal. He’s got a very close connection to one of our series regulars that I really hope will blow the fans’ minds.”

There’s a lot of online speculation regarding Vigilante’s identity, including former cast member Colton Haynes, who played Green Arrow’s sidekick Arsenal or perhaps Queen’s lifelong pal, Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell), who was quite dead the last time we saw him, but this is a comic-book show after all.

Regardless of whether you’ve been with Arrow since the start or you’re a more recent fan, Season 6 looks to build on the last season’s major return to form. We’re big Arrow fans here at LRM… well, some of us are… and we’re counting on this being the best season yet!

Are you an original fan of Arrow since Season 1 or did you find the show more recently? Let us know in the comments down below!

Arrow returns to The CW on October 12, 2017.

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  • Kronx

    I don’t mind the flashbacks if they’re going to develop the characters and story we’re following. The show got in trouble the last few seasons because it was basically giving us redundant, filler flashbacks just to maintain the gimmick.

    Still, I wish they’d dump the flashbacks. There are enough characters now that we aren’t hurting to fill time in the present. At least, there WERE enough characters. Who knows who survived?

    • Yeah, I was overstating the flashbacks a bit. They add a lot to the show when they’re done well.

      Regarding the deaths, I’m not sure they’ll kill anyone actually. Mr. Terrific is the obvious candidate, but even then I’m not sure.

  • Paul Frost

    It’ll be interesting to see flashbacks from Deathstroke’s POV, since Ollie won’t have too many left. Really interested to see if the timeline from the first season of LOT about Slade’s son comes to pass in the future.

    Also let the mayor of Gotham show up ala Mayor Hill along with the Mayor’s of Central and Metropolis show up via name plate in a meeting or something

    • I’m super excited about Deathstroke. Manu Bennett brings so much charisma to the role, and he looks solid in a fight. It’s interesting to see how his character evolves; I like him more as an anti-hero/mercenary than I do as a straight-up villain (it’s more fun to guess where he stands as ally or adversary than to see him relegated to being 100% dark).

  • J’Accuse

    Acevedo can’t be worse at Martial Arts than Katie Casedy.

    • Yeah, that’s spot-on. Caity Lotz was so good as the first Black Canary, she is a fighter through and through… but Cassidy, ugh, it pains me to watch her even try. Harkavy seems like she’s game for learning some fighting skills (not sold on her yet, but I like her edge).

  • GoldenState17

    5th season was actually good

    • I agree, Arrow Season 5 was a major return to form. Really excited to see where the show goes now that the 5-year-long Lian Yu stuff is finally wrapped-up.

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