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Marvel And Bethesda Announce Blade Video Game At Game Awards – Reveal Trailer

Marvel and Bethesda announce development of a Blade video game at yesterday's Game Awards with a reveal trailer. This one came out of nowhere as there had been zero rumors regarding development of this title.

Max 2024 Preview Has Footage From The Penguin, House Of The Dragon Season 2, True Detective: Night Country And More

HBO has released a Max 2024 preview which has new footage from The Penguin, House of the Dragon Season 2, True Detective: Night Country and much more. As said, much of the footage shown here

Apple TV+ Unveils Epic WWII Drama Masters Of The Air

Apple TV+ has released the trailer for its upcoming World War II drama, Masters of the Air. Executive produced by the formidable team behind "Band of Brothers" and "The Pacific" — Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks,

Halo Season 2 Trailer Is Here – Looks Better But Will Viewers Be Back?

The Halo Season 2 trailer is here and whilst it looks better, I question will viewers be back after Season 1 dropped the ball so hard? Halo was the video game that most fans thought

Pixar Bringing Soul, Turning Red, And Luca To Theaters Nationwide For The First Time

In an exciting cinematic treat, Disney and Pixar are set to bring three of their beloved films “Soul,” “Turning Red,” and “Luca” to the big screen nationwide for the very first time in 2024. The

Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer Released Early Due to Leak

Rockstar Games had to release the new trailer to Grand Theft Auto VI earlier than expected due to an unconfirmed trailer appearing on social media X today. The trailer was quickly taken down, but it

Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire Trailer Released With Ultimate Team-Up | CCXP 2023

At first, Godzilla and King Kong were adversaries in 2021’s Godzilla vs. Kong. Now, they’ll join forces to confront a more sinister enemy that threatens both worlds in Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire. Director

Alan Ritchson Announces Filming of S3 of Reacher at CCXP 2023

With the second season of Reacher around the corner, Amazon Studios surprised the audiences of Brazil’s CCXP 2023 with a special video announcement of actor Alan Ritchson about the second season's streaming date. Also, he

First Teaser Trailer of Apocalyptic Series Fallout on Prime Video | CCXP 2023

In one of the most anticipated video game adaptations to screen, Fallout is a very ambitious project full of lore, monsters, and a post-nuclear setting. Based on a best-selling video game franchise, Prime Video debuted

First Trailer For Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga Is Here – What A Lovely Day!

What a day, what a lovely day as we get the first trailer for Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, and it looks like big fun. Furiosa is a story following the titular character that was