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Roger Ross Williams Discussed Mother And Son Relationship In Cassandro | Exclusive

Roger Ross Williams takes us back to the 80s-90s era of lucha libre in Cassandro. With the story of Saúl Armendáriz and how he became a favorite Exótico in the Lucha Libre world. Portrayed by

Saw X | Kevin Greutert and Anthony Stabley on the Production Designs

For Kevin Greutert, he worked on every single Saw movie in one capacity or another. So, he’s a veteran of the franchise as he sits at the helm for Saw X in the latest installment.

Saw X | Mark Burg and Oren Koules on How to Keep Franchise Fresh and Being in Mexico

After nearly nineteen years, countless traps, and with the upcoming tenth film of the franchise with Saw X, producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules needed to make sure the story and traps were fresh and

William Mata Talks About Kate Del Castillo In Dora And The Fantastical Creatures | Exclusive

William Mata makes his debut as a director in the upcoming short film Dora And The Fantastical Creatures with an alebrijes adventure. Dora And The Fantastical Creatures Official Trailer | Courtesy of Dora and

On Fire | Lance Henriksen Talks Family Dynamic in Film and Current Career Path

Note: SAG-AFTRA has approved an interim agreement for On Fire since the film is being released by Cineverse, an independent, non-AMPTP affiliated distributor. Under the terms, members “may work on these productions without being in violation of

Quantum Leap | Raymond Lee on Playing So Many Characters in One Series

This interview with Raymond Lee was conducted prior to the start of the SAG-AFTRA strike. Raymond Lee is living the dream of a Hollywood actor on Quantum Leap. For each episode, Dr. Ben Song's character

Apple TV+’s Silo | Atli Örvarsson on Musical Tone of Claustrophobic Thriller Series

Silo series on Apple TV+ is one of this year’s most exciting dramatic thrillers on the streaming network. Based on the Hugh Howey’s book series, Silo is one of the most notable. post-apocalyptic stories about

Bollywed | Chandan Singh on Bringing Indian Culture and Weddings in Series

South Asian weddings are certainly colorful, vibrant, and exciting. There are plenty of behind-the-scenes preparations for any grand celebrations for any Indian couple. In the new series from Fuse and Fuse+, Bollywood is a reality

The Sixth Reel | Charles Busch and Carl Andress on Comedy and Homage to Classic Hollywood

Charles Busch and Carl Andress adored the classic Hollywood era with its glitz and glamor. The Sixth Reel is their Hollywood homage in a comedic way that dedicates itself as an aficionado towards their golden

Eric Roberts And Filippo M. Prandi Discuss The Troubles In My Last Best Friend | Exclusive

Eric Roberts takes a double role in his newest project, My Last Best Friend. A film written and directed by Filippo M. Prandi that proves the real meaning of friendship while at the same time