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Welcome to LRM (Latino Review Media)

LRM, brought to you by Latino Review LLC, is the entertainment website of choice for millions of fans.  LRM is known for bringing fans exclusives covering a wide range of topics from Films, TV, Comics, Marvel, Star Wars, DC and much more.  Our contributors strive to bring you insight of everything you, the fans, want to know through exclusive breaking news, interviews, commentaries and detailed reporting.

Since the launch of Latino Review in 2000 and now best known as LRM (Latino Review Media), we are dedicated to making sure our fans have the best experience by continuously expanding, developing and improving our site and more importantly bringing you the information you want to know before anyone else knows it! – From the latest red carpet news to one-on-one interviews with the hottest actors and movie directors, to the latest on superhero movies and always expanding our coverage of everything comic/fanboy related – ALL just for you, our loyal fans.