Chris Pratt Addresses ‘Indiana Jones’ Rumor

– by Gig Patta

Rumors are still flying around the Indian Jones reboot.

For now, Chris Pratt is not Indiana Jones.

MTV’s Josh Horowitz confronted the actor at the 2015 Academy Awards last night about the rumors.

Obviously, Pratt said he knows nothing about it so far.

“It’s all nothing till it’s something. So far it’s not something,” he told the interviewer. “It’ll be cool. No one has called me. There’s a lot of talk about it.”

Walt Disney Pictures is looking at reviving the franchise. Other names also mentioned are Bradley Cooper and Chris Hemsworth. Not to mention, Harrison Ford wants to play Indy one more time.

Now there are even rumors of Steven Spielberg interested in helming the project.

Check out the interview below.

Source: MTV News

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