– by Joseph Jammer Medina

The times are changing for theater chains. In the era of home theaters, high quality cable and streaming content, and rising ticket prices, audiences are not really having difficulty finding content to consume.

One company, MoviePass, has made great strides in trying to make the moviegoing experience more affordable. Not too long ago, MoviePass changed their service from a $30-plus/a month service (price varied depending on your location) to a $9.95/month flat rate service. This would presumably get butts in seats for theaters, and tickets sold for studios. Everyone wins, right?

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Well, it looks like Cinemark isn’t taking this move sitting down. On Tuesday, the theater chain unveiled Movie Club, their own Movie Pass-like service. According to CNN Money, this new plan allows customers to buy one movie ticket a month for $8.99. Any unused tickets can be rolled over for use in the following months.

This is in contrast to MoviePass’ plan, which allows buying pretty much as many tickets as you want a month.

So why is Cinemark making it so their deal is only good for one $8.99 ticket a month? According to Mark Zoradi, CEO of Cinemark, their research indicated that most consumers actually want the ability to stockpile discounted tickets. The benefit there is that if you were just a summer moviegoer, you can avoid the theaters for several months, and use them over the course of the summer.

Will this service be enough to bring people back to the theaters, and does it have a chance of competing with MoviePass, which works with pretty much all major theaters? We’ll have to wait and see, but personally, MoviePass sounds like a much better deal.

What are your thoughts? Let us know down below!

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  • Nick

    I work on Cinemark, so I must interject that you missed some of the benefits!

    You get more than one ticket a month for that price, meaning you can bring a friend at the discounted rate as well!

    Also, 20% off all concessions (the main difference between a movie pass and a chain’s “club”).

    And… no online fees on the website!

    That’s about it… as far as if it is better than Movie Pass or not… I’m not allowed to comment. 😉

    • Spencer Garver

      its not a horrible deal by any means. Anything is better than nothing. Im just happy they are finally starting to do more of these.

      Ideally, I would love to see an annual pass. I’d be more than happy to pay $150+ a year that allows me to go to the movies as many times as I want.

      • David Tapia

        That’s is essentially what moviepass is, you can go to 1 movie every day of year for the same $10/mo or even cheaper. Heard there is a $6.99 promo if you pre-pay the entire year.

  • Kindofabigdeal

    Well I’ve been a Regal club member for years now. I always like the occasional free ticket or free popcorn.
    This deal from Cinemark works better for me. Since the new upgraded theater opened in my area it’s the only theater I go to anymore. I’m not sure if I go to the movies more than once a month, and having a discount on already overpriced food is a plus as well.
    Does that 20% carry over to the booze as well?

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