– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Justice League certainly has a lot it needs to bring to the table. In addition to giving worthy follow-ups to Wonder Woman and Batman v Superman, it also needs to do a bang-up job of introducing three new superheroes: Aquaman, Cyborg, and Flash. Sure, we may have seen them for a hot minute in the past, but we’ll really need enough out of them to make us care before the big red-tinted battle in Justice League’s climax.

Perhaps the character we know least about is none other than Cyborg. It certainly seems like between Aquaman and Flash, he’s the one who’s getting the least amount of attention. Plus, it probably doesn’t help much that he was only just added to the Justice League lineup a few years back in the New 52 comics, so even comic fans are having a hard time connecting with him.

However, while speaking with Chris Van Vliet during a press junket for Justice League, actor Ray Fisher revealed, some key intel regarding Cyborg.

“Cyborg doesn’t eat. He doesn’t sleep. He doesn’t even need to breathe if he didn’t want to. So maybe one day, we’ll get to go down to Atlantis and hang out with these guys.”

His comments do indeed seem to open up all kinds of possibilities. While some may not believe Cyborg is an interesting enough character to carry his own standalone film, the fact that he can hang out in Atlantis (assuming he doesn’t rust) does open the doors for him to hang out with Aquaman in a future film.

Hopefully it doesn’t end up taking away from his relatability though.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

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SOURCE: Chris Van Vliet

  • Victor Roa

    soooooo I’ll put that down as a no on Beast Boy and him singing about “Burgers VS Burritos” for little children

    • Deathstroke936

      Didn’t we see that in the latest Thor…???

      • Victor Roa

        I got the impression Goldblum’s music was about “Vegan wraps vs protein smoothies” to stay so limber

    • Kronx

      Igpay Igpay Atinlay
      Isway Ethay Opestday

  • Behemothrex

    Wow they totally screwed the pooch on the design of Cyborg. In the comics he just looks like a buff dude that is half metal, but here they give him stick arms and legs and he looks ridiculous. Even if he was a cyborg why would they want him to look alien, wouldn’t it be better to make him look more human. Seriously he looks like a kids toy, but again that may be the whole point of including him.

    JL is going to blow.

    • AmiRami

      They Bayformer’d him

  • TheOct8pus

    He may not eat, but he needs to plug into a USB every 12 hours….

  • 2 Left Thumbs

    If they are going to make him 99% robot, why even both having a human face exposed? Isn’t that just a huge weak point now?

    He doesn’t look or feel like an enhanced human. He is just a robot that happens to have 1 human eyeball and some teeth.

  • Kindofabigdeal

    But does he need to poop?

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