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UPDATE: Bloomberg recently ran a report stating that while Disney and Fox were having talks regarding Disney buying most of their assets, the two companies are no longer talking with one another. So, in effect, the talks seem to be dead.

SOURCE: Bloomberg


Well, it sounds like the House of Mouse may acquire another big studio. According to CNBC, Disney is in talks to buy most of 21st Century Fox.

Pretty much, Fox is looking to sell virtually most of its non-news and non-sports-related assets, leaving behind the Fox broadcast network, their sports programing assets, Fox News and Business channels. Finally, they would also not be purchasing any of Fox’s local broadcasting affiliates. In short, what would be left behind is a much smaller media company very focused on news and sports, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Everything else, it sounds like, would fall under Disney, including the movie studio and a lot of significant TV production assets, and perhaps could even lead to a merging of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and X-Men universe.

While this is all kinds of crazy and interesting, it is worth noting that while the talks have taken place over the past few weeks, there is still plenty of time for this to fall through before any actual paperwork is signed. Given all the potential red tape they’ll have to wade through, it may end up being much ado about nothing.

Interestingly enough, Fox’s shares have soared since this report has been published, so that goes to show what a lot of people think of this idea.

What do you think? Would you like to see Disney buy Fox? Let us know down below!

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  • Kronx

    That would certainly make the next phase of the MCU … fantastic.

    • Smerdyakov

      But still no Sub-Mariner. Also, are the FF damaged goods at this point?

      • Nah just needs to be done right. I’ve got a pitch ready for them if they ever want it ha.

      • Kronx

        I wouldn’t think so. Marvel had no trouble rehabbing both Spider-man and the Hulk following disappointing films.

        • Smerdyakov

          Still not crazy about “Young Adult” Spider-Man.

    • Four sure

      • Wild Dreams

        I’m seeing some sources say the talks are dead already, is this true ? I hope not

        • I only know what I read here, maybe Jammer has some more info?

          • Wild Dreams

            Get him on the line ASAP lol

          • He’s busy working while we chat on here lol.

          • Wild Dreams

            Fair enough lol

          • I have heard the same now. But I wouldn’t call it dead, maybe they just need to go away and come back again. Please don’t let us down mouse🙏

          • Wild Dreams

            Yes exactly….wasn’t the Spider-Man deal also “dead” at one point as well ? I still think eventually something gets done, they have time.

  • Wild Dreams

    I can care less at this point if the X men joins the mcu but I have been preaching for the longest how the phase 4 big bad needs to be either Galactus ( done right ) Kang, or Doom…..This if true and if it goes through just made my day, not only for film reasons but comic and games as well where certain characters have been less emphasized because of rights issues.

  • Moby85

    I hate to be the wet blanket here but are we entering regulation or “anti-trust” territory here like how big Microsoft once was? I’m not a business lawyer but with The Mouse sucking up Fox’s entertainment divisions they (will have) gone from massive to super critical in size.

    • Wild Dreams

      Sssssshhhhhh !!!! Lol

    • Victor Roa

      fun times, when Bill Gates was considered the evil empire. A lot of that era was still coming out of the wild wild west of the 80s PC where you could pirate NES cart onto a compute that could barely run it.
      I have no idea what’s going to happen.
      I really fear that Disney is gonna start cutting down studio contracts like they did with Marvel and Lucasfilms, their video games and their animation departments….. but I do think that Simpsons is that special that immunity idol where if Disney fucks that up….. they are so screwed, Look at it this way, Fox screwed over Gillian Anderson over the residuals on XFiles going onto their own FX channel instead of proper syndication, but Simpsons voice actors get royalties over toys that do voice over sounds.
      Fox has has problems mismanaging their own properties, I do hope this improves things, the long list of failed fox shows and movies is just astonishing that maybe NBC or Sony come up to par with them.

  • Dakkar

    Paging Hugh Jackman!

    Hugh, you remember when you said, a few months back, that the only way you’d revisit the Wolverine would be if the character could appear in an MCU movie . . . ?

    • Kindofabigdeal

      Hugh Jackman: Fuck off.

      • Ryan Fink


  • Kindofabigdeal

    While you all talk Marvel I would be very interested to see the Fox logo right before the next Star Wars movie. It’s the only thing missing out of the new films.
    Not sure how to include mutants unless it’s two universes converging or something. Would make for a cool X-men vs Avengers storyline. They already do it with every Marvel vs Capcom game.

  • Jason Tyler

    This would be epic. I mean for the obvious marvel reasons but this would also mean Disney would own Family Guy and the Simpsons. The house of animation for sure

  • Jason Tyler

    I just want a decent Fantastic Four film, if this is what it takes, I’ll support the idea.

  • Victor Roa

    I like how they tap danced around the name “NEWSCORP”. When did they change their name to “21st Century Fox”? That was a joke around 2000 and they never did fallow through with a change their name because it turns out like a 80s film production company was squatting it. And they still have that 20th Century Fox fan fare is still an amazing brand.
    But I do wonder how does this change the freedoms the Simpsons has? There was that joke “we are hear in Korea to show you how American cartoons are made.” Avatar, fuck me, Joss Whedon still holds rights to Firefly and Buffy…… is now Fight Club a Disney property?

  • Victor Roa
  • MoyBoto

    Make it happen Disney! Bring the FF home

  • jonathing

    don’t make this a missed opportunity marvel/dissy with hope

  • Brafdorf

    I’d rather they stay separate so it’s not all the same.

    Personally I prefer Fox’s approach over Disney. It might also be because I like the X-Men and could really care less about the rest.
    Avengers are boring

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