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This has been a stressful week over at 20th Century Fox, but it now looks like the Freddie Mercury biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, is in good hands. According to Deadline, Dexter Fletcher is set to replace Bryan Singer as the director.

Fletcher may not be well known by mainstream audiences, but many may recognize some of his work that includes Eddie the Eagle, which starred Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman.

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The outlet states that Fletcher will oversee the last two weeks of the film’s production (which will resume next week), and from there will determine if they need to go back and shoot scenes. He will then hop into postproduction, in hopes of making the originally planned December 2018 release date.

Given that Fletcher is on deck to direct the Elton John biopic, this is a nice warm-up for him.

As far as Fletcher’s previous work, I think Eddie the Eagle is an indication that the filmmaker is good at creating films that are lovingly set in a certain time period. Given that Bohemian Rhapsody will likely be set mostly in the 1970s and 1980s, it’s nice to know he’s already had some work in a relatively similar period.

This new hiring comes on the heels of Bryan Singer’s firing. In the past, Singer had been noteworthy for his unreliability, where he’d show up late to set or not at all. After this past Thanksgiving break, Singer reportedly didn’t show up on set for three days, and it certainly didn’t help that he had clashed with actor Rami Malek during production.

What do you think? Is Dexter Fletcher a good replacement for Singer? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Deadline

  • claudiomario

    Movie smells of bad unfortunate news. Sacha shouls have spearheaded this film.

    • Victor Roa

      Sacha casting news been floating around for like 8 years

  • Victor Roa

    does anybody know who they casted as Brian May? He wrote a lot of the bands songs, you’d think that’d be important.

  • Fallout Boy!

    Man, how long has it been since I said it would happen? 2 years? 3? The social-seismic waves have been giving hints for the last DECADE or more. It’s true that H’Wood is a small town – everyone is essentially freelance just by the nature of the biz. Job ends, you’re either out of work or you secured something to jump to next. Unions get OT but most of Production gets dick. Unfortunately, the grapevine whispered lurid tales about Singer like a gay-porn telegraph machine…. It’s on the way… Just you wait and see. You can do almost ANYTHING here and live it up and snort and smoke and fuck and lie and betray, but if you fuck people and then also fuck them over, you’re ASKING for it. Tit for tat is a legit system and many have gotten ahead and gotten well-laid as a result. But if you go that route and don’t follow through? You’ve made a mortal fucking enemy, man!

    There are so many talented people here… But MANY of them are fucking IDIOTS! When you drive across Santa Monica and La Brea, you don’t expect that one of those regular transsexual hookers roaming around in their man-stilts is actually the director of a frigging James Bond movie! Yet, that shit HAPPENED! Lee Tamahori is a pretty good director and he was known for his heart-on-sleeve kink lifestyle… But it wasn’t enough! The f’ing guy had to go out and break the Law and RISK it all just to get off! Not only risking potentially fatal encounters or disease, but getting arrested at 2AM by Hollywood Vice! Which he DID! But even still – Lee was doing his thing, getting off in a dangerous way because his success and money had made him so JADED. Singer, on the other hand has played another card – another GAME – entirely – and it’s lot closer to the character of Brian Kinney at the beginning of Queer As Folk where he just screws and screws over everyone he meets… With an added youth factor. Power corrupts, kids!
    Singer has always had it in him, but the money and the bullshit facade of inflated importance will make almost anyone delusional about how they can treat people. KARMA IS A BITCH.

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