Exclusive Interview with Luis Guzman and Edy Ganem in ‘Ana Maria in Novela Land’

– by Gig Patta

To watch novelas is an addiction. To end up inside one is entirely something else.

Edy Ganem stars in “Ana Maria in Novela Land.” It is a comedy about a girl who magically switches places with her favorite character in a fictional telenovela. As she struggles to escape this fictional world, she learns lessons that make her desire the real world.

Other cast members included Luis Guzman, Nestor Serrano, Pepe Serna, Mercedes Mason, Sung Kang and the late Elizabeth Pena.

Latino-Review had an exclusive sit-down interview with both Guzman and Ganem on their roles of the film the love/hate relationship of telenovas.

“Ana Maria in Novela Land” is open in select theaters today.

Watch the interview below.

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Source: Latino-Review

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