Fantastic Four: Will We Ever See Another Movie?

– by Edward Douglas

While doing press for Loganproducers Hutch Parker and Simon Kinberg sat down with LRM for an interview, mainly to talk about the new Wolverine movie, though we also got into a few other areas, since the duo are so involved with 20th Century Fox's superhero initiative.

For now, it seems like X-Men is at the forefront of their plans with Logan coming out next week, Deadpool 2 scheduled for next year and other movies like The New Mutants and X-Men: Supernova (Yeah, right, that's not a Dark Phoenix movie!) in some form of development.

After talking to the producers about those other things, we felt it was only fair to talk about one of their superhero movies that didn't quite connect with comic book fans... Fantastic Four (or Fant4stic, as it was called in the unfortunate logo).

It was hard to find something complimentary to say when getting into that territory other than "It was not completely terrible," but the producers are aware of the problems and they freely discussed them with LRM with hopes that they'll have another chance to get it right.

"We’re very interested in doing another Fantastic Four movie, and we love that cast, and it’s really about getting the tone right," Kinberg told us.

"I felt like on that last movie, we did something bold and it didn’t entirely work, and I think part of the issue is that we went away from the core tone and vibe of the comics. The comics themselves are fun and playful and really about inner personal family dynamics, and we did something different and took a chance, and I am sort of proud of the fact that we took a chance, and disappointed that it didn’t totally work. I think as we go back into it and talk about it, we’d want to be truer to the core voice, tone, vibe of the source material.”

“It’s such a great comic, and I’d like to see us get it right," Hutch Parker added.

Look for the full collected interview with Hutch Parker and Simon Kinberg next week before Logan opens on March 3, and also check out our interview with director James Mangold on Monday.

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