– by Joseph Jammer Medina

There were many scenes in the recent Justice League film that screamed Zack Snyder. Sure, the film wasn’t entirely his vision, due to him stepping down, and Joss Whedon replacing him, but you can definitely see glimpses of what are traditional Snyder tropes.

One such scene is the opening credits. In it, we are treated to a lot of slow motion montage shots revolving around a post-Superman world. While it does have its problems, I personally found it to be a moving little intro.

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Interestingly enough, the man behind the music choice in the scene (“Everybody Knows” from Sigrid) wasn’t Snyder, but was actually Joss Whedon.

The filmmaker took to Twitter to randomly reveal this choice, when replying to a TV critic, who typed out a verse of lyrics:

As mentioned above, this is a scene that I was personally certain Snyder had almost complete influence over. The montage aspect is very much his style, and he also has a tendency to utilize unexpected songs to carry them. To hear Whedon was the guy who stuck the song in is an interesting little reveal.

What do you think of this? Was it a good choice by Whedon, and did it surprise you that it was him who selected it? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Joss Whedon

  • axebox

    I really hope WB has some sense to release a Zack Snyder supervised director’s cut. Otherwise we’re stuck with this mediocre underwhelming film for all time.

    • Mad Barchetta

      I think the only chance you have to see WB spend the money for what would be essentially a totally new cut of the film, which might even need CGI added to finish it, is if JL severely underperforms and they get desperate to break even or make a tiny profit. With WB, anything is possible, except making the right decision, whatever that may be.

      Given Snyder’s track record, I advise you to be careful what you wish for.

      • axebox

        They gave Snyder his Ultimate Watchmen AND Director’s Cut for that film… which had lots of costly VFX on those additional scenes. We’re talking Justice League(!) here…

        • Victor Roa

          Just because they did it before, doesn’t really mean it’s going to happen. Pixar doesn’t show their test render reels since Finding Nemo really goes to show how dead the DVD market is.

        • Aaron James

          I own the Ultimate Cut of Watchmen, and I’m fairly certain there’s only a couple of scenes in that that would have required extra visual effects. Most of the extra running time was taken up by the pirate cartoon.

          Justice League would require A LOT MORE extra visual effects. It sounds like Snyder’s version would include are fairly massive number of new scenes. It would be enormously expensive, and it would only appeal to a fairly small niche market (the minority of fans who like Snyder’s version of these characters).

          I’m unclear on this last part, but wasn’t Snyder intending to make a two-part film? It seems possible that even if you got what you wanted, it would end in a cliffhanger for a second part that will never be filmed.

        • Mad Barchetta

          Not sure I was aware there was a director’s cut of Watchmen. Seems someone unnecessary, as I can’t think of much they left out of the original film that needed to be put back in. It’s such a direct translation of the book. But then, it’s been quite a while since I read them.

          But…the big question is: Did making those versions turn out to be profitable at all? Same question for BvS. If the answer is yes, then I’m sure WB will choose NOT to do it, because that’s the kind of thing these wankers do.

          Personally, I’d be curious to see Snyder’s version, but it would be a rental only for me. Unless it blew me away, then maybe I would buy the Blu-ray afterwards. Now, if most of the potential market thinks like I do, then you can see why most studios would be hesitant.

      • Victor Roa

        nailed it, and then on top that would the DVD even sell?

    • Storymark

      At best, you might get an extended cut of the Snyder/Whedon hybrid – but the odds of them putting up the money to complete the Snyder cut, when they’re already looking at a huge loss – are almost nonexistent.

  • Victor Roa

    uhhhhhh….. Whedon still says the same thing about Alien 4. I’m a huge Leonard Cohen fan and…. I feel like Snyder kinda got the rep for using it because he is immature and thought the song’s cynicism is cool. There’s a lot of people already saying it’s a Snyder thing, whedon still can be joking and he’s helping his friend.

    • Ivan Nero Trevino

      oh. my. god…. the song is meant to show how the world is without Supes! jesus christ.. can’t fathom how people think Snyder is making cynical films.

      • Victor Roa

        “Everybody knows that you love me baby
        Everybody knows that you really do
        Everybody knows that you’ve been faithful
        Ah, give or take a night or two
        Everybody knows you’ve been discreet
        But there were so many people you just had to meet
        Without your…”

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