UPDATE: Marvel May Have Just Revealed When We Can See 'LUKE CAGE' on Netflix

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UPDATE: Seems Luke Cage may actually come sooner than November. According to Blackfilm.com, the first season of Luke Cage may actually debut in late Summer.


There's certainly a lot of strong buzz when it comes to Netflix's relationship with Marvel. From the great reception the first season of DAREDEVIL received, to the continued love-fest for JESSICA JONES, fans seem to be eating up Marvel's offerings on the streaming service. While all eyes are currently on the second season of DAREDEVIL, which will feature Jon Bernthal (THE WALKING DEAD) as Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, people are also wondering when we might see more of LUKE CAGE. The character, played by Mike Colter, was introduced in JONES last year and is set to get his own series as Marvel prepares for a THE DEFENDERS crossover event. 

So when will we get to see Colter back in action as Cage? According to this tweet from the official JESSICA JONES account, we may now have that answer:

If you twist your head to the left (or turn your phone), you'll see that one of the folders reads "CAGE - NOVEMBER." Makes sense, considering last year featured a similar release schedule. DAREDEVIL premiered in April of 2015, and JONES came out in November of 2015. The second season for DD is set to start streaming in late March of this year, and LUKE CAGE will take the November slot left vacant by JJ

You pumped for some more action from the one-time Power Man?

SOURCE: Twitter

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