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Sony’s Venom movie is shaping-up to be a must-see superhero event for next fall. Although, the project’s early marketing and communication caused a bit of whiplash for fans. Sony’s initial announcement, to elevate second-tier characters from the “Spiderverse” was positively received, until it became clear these movies would not contain Spider-Man nor connect to the MCU. Fortunately, Venom is a pretty popular character, and when casting news and other details began trickling out, momentum picked up again.

Here’s what we know to-date: Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises, Dunkirk) is Eddie Brock/Venom; Director Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) is creating an R-rated horror/sci-fi film in the spirit of John Carpenter or David Cronenberg; Actor Riz Ahmen (Rogue One) will play fan-favorite Carnage; Variety reports that actresses Jenny Slate (Zootopia) and Michelle Williams (Shutter Island) are in talks for key roles; WETA Digital will be creating the film’s visual effects; the stunt team includes Tim Connolly (John Wick, Logan, 300, The Avengers), Chris O’Hara (Live by Night, Bourne Legacy, Iron Man 3, Jurassic World), and Jack Gill (Fast & Furious 5-8, Captain America: Civil War).

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Now that all of the pieces are in-place, Venom‘s production is expected to begin next week (for an October 2018 debut). The 12-month timeline is a bit aggressive for what is expected to be an effects-heavy superhero film — typically, these films entail 3-4 months of shooting and a year of post-production, which will obviously be compressed if Sony intends to hit next October. Hopefully, Sony will continue to provide timely information regarding the film’s progress.

Additionally, if you’re hoping to keep a close ear to the ground, now there’s an official Twitter account to monitor:

Let’s just hope that the release date isn’t driving the decision-making, as Sony needs this film to be great if their other non-Spider-Man movies — Silver Sable, Black Cat, Mysterio, Kraven — stand a chance of finding an audience.

This is all fantastic news, and shows that Sony is deadly serious about making Venom something special.

Where does the Venom film land on your personal radar? Can’t miss or don’t care? Let us know in the comments down below!

Venom hits theaters on October 5, 2018.

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  • Joe Chaisson

    Actor Riz Ahmen (Rogue One) will play fan-favorite Carnage – has this been confirmed?

    • 2 Left Thumbs

      Nope… It was a rumor 2 months ago and has never been confirmed.

  • 2 Left Thumbs

    “Hopefully, Sony will continue to provide timely information regarding the film’s progress”

    This is sarcastic, right? The movie was announced. And there was maybe one more announcement of a release date. Clouded by a lot of confusion as to whether or not it was MCU related They have been almost radio silent during the entire pre production.

    If this is “timely” information, the first first trailer will come out 2 weeks after the movie releases…

  • M@rvel

    Wasn’t it confirmed that this film will in fact have a connection to the MCU?? I’m not sure why you guys still keep saying the opposite…..

    • Venomaide

      No way Marvel/Disney will go any where near a rated R movie.

      • M@rvel

        I wouldn’t be so sure. It can be connected to the MCU without being stuffed with references and cameos… think outside the box dude. Are you saying the Netflix series aren’t part of the MCU even though they reference the battle of ny multiple times?? Those certainly aren’t pg.

        • Venomaide

          The netflix shows are pg-13. No nudity.

          • M@rvel

            HAHAHA!! pg-13?? you’ve got to be insane to think they are pg-13. Tell that to the Punisher lol

          • Venomaide

            People are ok to have kids see violence but not bOObs.

          • M@rvel

            Man you are thick… you’re not even arguing your original point anymore. There has been no news that have remotely hinted at the Venom movie having nudity in it so idk what the hell youre talking about. Pretty sure the Venom movie will be rated R because he fucking eats people…not because some chick will show Venom her tits

  • Kindofabigdeal

    They’re going to build their own Spidey Cinematic Universe without Spidey.
    Up next, Oscorp, the story about a rich and power family who go through corporate power struggles with their share holders after business practices put them in a bad light with the media. But a serial killer starts to mail exploding pumpkins to their residences and has the whole company on edge. There is literally a world of people out there who could have motive to do this. We have a trail of bread crumbs which lead us to believe that Norman, the father, is the killer. And that his son, Harry, is secretly conspiring with the shareholders against him. In a twist of fate Harry confronts his father on Halloween wearing a green goblin mask and admits to the bombings. As the only two shareholders left they have a fight to the death. Harry leaves Norman dead in the conference room with his wrists slit from a razor bat and a letter of confession to the bombings next to a green goblin mask. It ends with Harry in full control getting asked about the death of his father before leaving in a limo.

    • Venomaide

      Thats sounds like iron fist.

  • Venomaide

    Spiderverse nothing to do with spiderman its about heroes with spiders on their chest.


    Willing to bet money that this film never happens.

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