– by Emmanuel Gomez

On episode 18 of 9 Panel Grid, we take a look at Dark Planet’s Silver, by Stephan Franck. Also, information about his Kickstarter for Vol. 3!

The 9 Panel Grid

Episode 18

Splash Page – Silver

  1. Introduction – Stephan Franck
  2. Techniques of Storytelling
    1. Comics vs Animation
  3. Silver
    1. What’s the story all about?
    2. Recap of Volume One and Two
    3. Kickstarter for Volume Three
  4. Links

    1. Dark Planet comics – http://dark-planet-comics.com/
    2. Volume 3 Kickstarter – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/darkplanetcomics/silver-volume-3?ref=discovery

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