– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Recently, I wrote a piece that touched on the great diversity that the Star Wars franchise is seeing. Given that the characters come from all over the galaxy, it would make sense there would be many different types of characters (though one could argue that the films would be more accurate if its leads weren’t mostly human, but I dare not cross that bridge).

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Though while the franchise as a whole has a woman guiding the entire ship with Kathleen Kennedy, the directors for the franchise have been strictly white men. While at a press conference in London, Star Wars: The Last Jedi admitted that it’s about time that Lucasfilm and Disney bring in fresh blood to stand behind camera for future films.

“Hell yes it’s time! There are so many incredibly talented female directors, directors of color out there and so many I would love to see play in this universe. Yes please, I would love it to happen.”

Of course, there are some big names that come to mind immediately: Ava DuVernay (A Wrinkle in Time), Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok), Ryan Coogler (Black Panther), Alfonso Cuáron (Gravity), Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman), Justin Lin (Fast & Furious), and James Wan (Aquaman) are all more than fit to take on the gig. Getting voices like them to helm a Star Wars film would be amazing.

Do any of these names sound interesting to you, or are there others you’d prefer to see at the helm? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Yahoo! Movies UK

  • Victor Roa

    I’m gonna bet money James Wan is gonna knock it out of park with Aquaman and this point going to reiterated again. But, it’s also a reminder….. how bad Byran Singer was, behind the scenes it did sound like he was a total asshole and his films were so milquetoast. In the words of Halley Barry on the set of the films “KISS MY BLACK ASS!”

  • Behemothrex

    I have no issue whatsoever with someone other than a white dude directing, starting, etc, etc. The issue I have is they have to be talented! they have to have the ability to do the job. When you start hiring people because of their skin color or sexual identity then you have failed, just look at Marvel Comics, its a dumpster fire. So yes bring on the diversity but make sure the person can do the job first.

  • Weresmurf

    No issues as long as the actor suits the part. It’s when tokenism starts rearing its head it becomes a problem. If the role is specifically written with a particular culture in mind, then that culture should be allowed to play it, otherwise, have at it.

  • Nay sayer!

    Just don’t force it is all I say. If they’re right for it, sure.

  • Kindofabigdeal

    How about a rag tag group of bounty hunters charged with hunting down a renegade Jedi.
    Directed by Kathryn Bigelow.
    I just want a chase scene through an alien market place like the chase scene in Point Break.

  • SeanDon

    What’s funny is that every article talking about needing more minority directors only come back with the same handful. These 6 people can’t direct everything…and unfortunately studios aren’t going to (typically) hand over a 200M budget to a director who’s only directed 30M smaller movies. The overall pool of candidates really needs to grow before you see a major shift from white dudes.

    I don’t think studios should be coerced to give a job just to give the job, but I hope that eventually there are plenty of options out there for studios to find directors who can bring different viewpoints and quality to their franchises and movies.

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