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A few weeks back, it was revealed that audiences would be treated to a new Star Wars trilogy. This one would be separate from the current saga, and separate from the anthology films.

But what would Johnson’s overall involvement be? In the initial announcement, he was only set to write and direct the first one. After that, it was unclear who the rest of the trilogy would go to. But is Johnson hoping to direct the entire thing?

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Speaking with Collider, Johnson said:

“Honestly I don’t know yet [if I’ll direct all three]. I know I’m gonna come up with the whole thing, the idea is to come up with one big story, but I know I’m gonna write and direct at least the first one. Then I’m gonna have to—even the first one at this point we’re still figuring it out, so I don’t know yet. But I know I want to come up with the whole thing and then we’ll see.”

So don’t be surprised if he DOES end up directing the whole thing. However, given what a huge commitment it would be to sign up for a whole Star Wars trilogy directly after making another Star Wars film, it’s understandable why he wouldn’t want to block out at least six years of his life.

As Lucasfilm has proven in the past, directors can change at the drop of a hate, and planning too far out in advance has the negative effect on projects. You only need to look at the history of films like Rogue One, Han Solo, and Star Wars: Episode IX to see that it’s easy for a director and studio to fall out of sync.

Do you hope to see Johnson direct all three of this new trilogy? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Collider

  • I think the thing here is, that Johnson may struggle to let go of his baby and put his ideas in someone else hands. That’s the hard part I think.

    Even Abrams when he read Johnson’s script said he kinda felt like he wanted to do it himself. And of course he is back for the last one now we know.

    • To reply to myself sorry

      The other side of that argument is that Empire benefited from having Lucas step back a little. The result being in my humble opinion the best movie ever made. Just my opinion

    • Jason Tyler

      “Even Abrams when he read Johnson’s script said he kinda felt like he
      wanted to do it himself. And of course he is back for the last one now
      we know.”

      huh? Abrams read a Rian john script and wanted to do it himself?

      That makes no sense

      • DAH

        no he means,..When JJ Abrams first read Rian’s Script for ‘The Last Jedi’..JJ loved his script so much, that he really wanted to direct the 2nd part of the trilogy as well, even tho he was just finishing off ‘The Force Awakens’…..

        • That’s exactly what I mean. After all he hasn’t written anything for this new trilogy far as we know yet.

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