THE WALKING DEAD: S07E10 Promo & Cool Exclusive Clip With Darryl & Richard

– by Drew Carlton

I have 2 juicy clips here from the upcoming episode of The Walking Dead, one is a exclusive which shows an interaction between Darryl and Richard, and another is the general promo and recap for this Sunday. Lets start with Richard, as he is becoming one of my favorite characters, and I hope his fate is much different in the books.

Darryl still seems skeptical of this new group, but he does manage to see his favorite weapon, and it appears to be a much upgraded version. Richard is requesting help with his bowman skills, and Darryl picks up the new crossbow, takes aim... and we will have to wait until Sunday.

The next clip is a general trailer for episode 10, but it does show the massive numbers that the Garbage Pail Kids have, and after the last episode ended with Rick's quirky smile, he must think they are not fans of Negan either.

It looks like we are in for an action packed week, where hopefully Rick gets a new group of people to o up against Negan and crew. We must still not forget about Oceanside and Carol is still lurking around to take full revenge.

What do you guys think Is Rick and his group screwed here, or is this the beginning of the end for Negan?

Source: AMC,

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