TV: Arrow: "The Sin-Eater"--Better, But Not Quite There

– by Mark Cook

After last week's gun control episode, and secondary focus on Wild Dog, will fans finally get to see Prometheus again, or will Arrow focus on another member of the team instead?

Photo Courtesy of the CW.

Photo Courtesy of the CW.

Oliver and Diggle begin the episode by going to visit Justin Claybourne's former wife in order to gain information on her son who they presume is Prometheus.  Claybourne's former partner alludes to the fact that their son may actually be Prometheus.  I still think this is a smoke screen.  The mother hadn't seen her son in 4 years, so I think this is the writers' way of distracting the true identity of Prometheus.  I'm glad they began the episode with the focus back on the main villain.  This is an area that needs to pick up in order for the ratings to increase.

Carrie Cutter (Cupid) is back for her seasonal appearance with China White (former Triad leader), and Liza Warner (former member of the Star City Police Dept. in charge of Anti-Vigilante Task Force). The three are looking for something the Triad had in storage, which turns out to be money Tobias Church had hidden. I'm sure they were going for a Gotham City Sirens vibe, but the three characters seemed forced rather than a natural cohesion. As Green Arrow and Lance confront them, a task force arrives surrounding the Green Arrow in order to arrest him for the murder of Detective Malone!  This was interesting since the SCPD were tipped off.  Who was the informant?  Did the individual also send Cupid, China, and Liza as a set-up?  This has Prometheus written all over it!  The autopsy report for Detective Malone came from the same city as Claybourne's partner which makes Oliver infer that Prometheus is behind the set-up.  The confrontation at the end between the City Sirens was alright until Liza and company had random people show up as reinforcements due to them "paying them off".  This part seemed unnecessary.  Also, Oliver isn't doing the best job balancing being mayor and Green Arrow.  He apologizes to the police captain saying the exact response Oliver gave him earlier in the episode.  Captain Pike catches on to it.  Please do not let another person easily figure out Green Arrow's identity.  I get that the writers are trying to have Oliver control the city on two fronts by being mayor and Green Arrow, and they are doing a good job expressing that it is a difficult balance, but I want more of the focus to be back on Green Arrow.  Oliver is more effective as Green Arrow when he is out of the limelight. 

Photo Courtesy of the CW.

Photo Courtesy of the CW.

Susan Williams appears questioning Oliver as to if he is the Green Arrow or not.  Felicity and Thea hack her computer and find all the information she has regarding Oliver/Green Arrow.  Susan's suspicions are intensified when she is fired for plagiarism and states then incriminating evidence was placed on her computer discrediting her if she ever tried to reveal Oliver as the Green Arrow.  Oliver berates Felicity and Thea for destroying Susan's life.

Flashbacks--Oliver and Anatoly are planning a strategy for extracting revenge on those who put Anatoly in the hospital.  He then tells Oliver the story of the "sin-eater" and compares Oliver to this individual meaning he takes others' problems and makes them his responsibility.  

The episode ends with a news report claiming the Mayor Queen ordered the falsification of the autopsy report for Detective Malone.  Next week's episode looks like it could be what we have been waiting for.  Prometheus AND Vigilante!  Now that's what I'm talking about!  Bring the action on two fronts and have Oliver handle it without the team!

What'd you think of this week's episode of Arrow?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below, and thanks for reading!


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