'Warrior' Director's Next Revealed

– by LRM

"I love the idea of using the colossal backdrop of K2, the second highest peak on earth, to explore a man’s battle for survival against the Taliban, nature, and himself. Our hero becomes a one-man army on a quest to avenge the deaths of his mountaineering team. His experience becomes a living nightmare, a lifetime journey, and a redefinition of the man."

Are those the words of the man behind the recently-announced Cliffhanger remake? No, it's Gavin O'Connor (Warrior) discussing his next project, Massacre In The Himalayas. Variety is reporting that the director has just signed on to helm the action-adventure, which is currently still seeking screenwriters. The film will be based on Freddie Wilkinson’s story for “Men’s Journal.”

"‘Massacre In The Himalayas’ is a Hollywood Gang kind of movie,” says producer Gianni Nunnari. “It’s hard-hitting and it’s about extreme men in extreme circumstance. And Gavin is our perfect filmmaker; no one else brings his level of intensity or creates his kind of nuanced characters."

I enjoyed Warrior, which I thought was really well-made, aside from a few preposterous moments. I'll keep an eye out for this. How about you?

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