What's The Deal With Luke Skywalker In 'Star Wars: Episode VII'?

– by LRM

Ever since it was announced that Luke Skywalker would be back for Star Wars: Episode VII, people have speculated about what the character would be like this time around. We know that 30 years have past since the conclusion of Return of The Jedi. We also know that Luke had adopted a bit of a darker edge in that film, and many folks wondered if we might see him go full Sith this time around. After all, the character went through quite a lot in the original trilogy, and it would make for some interesting storytelling to see him fall to the dark side.

Now, according to Making Star Wars, we may have our first glimpse of how Luke may be portrayed this time around.

If true, the following bullet-points contain *MAJOR SPOILERS* so proceed at your own caution:

  • Somewhere between Episode VI and Episode VII he experienced some sort of Force breakthrough, rendering him the most powerful Jedi that has ever existed
  • He doesn't trust himself with these abilities
  • He doesn't have full control over them, meaning he accidentally causes disturbances without even trying to
  • Luke has put himself into self-imposed seclusion because he fears his powers would be used to disrupt the balance
  • He's terrified of following in his father's footsteps and being seduced by the Dark Side now that he has such unlimited power
  • The hero and villain of Episode VII both lure him out of hiding during the course of the film, each hoping to have access to his abilities for their own needs
  • His sanity is unclear, even to those that know him best. Since unleashing the full scope of the Force's powers, there's an unhinged fire that lurks in his eyes
  • He gets uncontrollable visions that include friends and family that have long been gone, as well as premonitions about the future

That last one is a bit of a kicker, as it opens the door for revisiting some classic characters. It means we could be getting conversations, or other types of moments, that will include the likes of Yoda, Darth Vader, the Emperor, and Obi-Wan- which will all take place within Luke's psyche. 

The report concludes that by the end of Star Wars: Episode VII we'll know exactly what side of things Luke lands on, but that the mystery surrounding that will be present throughout the film.


SOURCE: Making Star Wars

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