Who's Seen 'Fantastic Four'? What Did They Think?

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Looks like being a Made Man at Fox has its perks. Matthew Vaughn, who helped get the studio's X-Men franchise back on track after X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine seemingly took everything off the rails, has seen Josh Trank's Fantastic Four reboot.

"I've seen the movie. It's good," he tells Flickering Myth. The man knows his comic book adaptations since, aside from X-Men: First Class, he also directed Kick-Ass and is now out promoting Kingsmen: The Secret Service- which are both comic properties. He sounds particularly high on Trank (Chronicle). "I thought Chronicle was a fantastic movie and [Josh] Trank has gone off and done his version of Fantastic Four. If you like Chronicle, then you’ll like this," he says.

Matthew Vaughn

Matthew Vaughn

"We’re all backing Josh Trank’s vision. And hopefully the world will like Josh Trank’s vision," he concludes.

Fox certainly has high hopes for the reboot, and they seem to think they have a hit on their hands. It doesn't come out until August 7, yet they've all ready slated its sequel to come out July 14, 2017.

SOURCE: Flickering Myth

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