WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW Reaction 3/6/2017

– by Tim Jousma

Monday Night Raw is complete for another week. On the heels of the Fastlane Pay Per View, how did the WWE Red Brand do in setting themselves up for the Road to Wrestlemania?

The big news of the night involved the ending of the show. Braun Strowman called out Roman Reigns to finish what they started the previous night. As Roman comes to the ring, The Undertaker’s music hits. Braun gives the ring to The Undertaker out of respect who promptly choke slammed Roman Reigns much to the delight of the crowd.

While no match was announced, rumor has it a match we’ll be seeing at the show of shows will be Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker. While I have no issue with the match itself, I do think the creative folks at the WWE are fooling themselves if they think that Roman Reigns being anything other than a full blown heel would get over with the crowd.

Some may argue that crowds in Chicago are not the best to properly gauge whether a superstar is truly over. Some audiences know more of the goings on behind the scenes in the WWE than others. Places like Chicago and Philadelphia are notorious for not reacting in ways the WWE would prefer them to. Yet I think the proof is in the weekly reaction from the audience that Roman Reigns is not being heralded as the hero the WWE wants him to be. Speaking of my visit to Monday Night Raw on February 6th, I’d agree that it appears the audience doesn’t necessarily know what it wants because they are booing him when he talks yet cheering his moves when he’s in a match. Yet I think Roman is just not connecting with the fans in the way he should be as their top guy.

If the WWE is going to get the most from him long term, they have to find a way to get him to connect with the audience. He doesn’t have the ability John Cena has of turning the crowd to his side. While I understand what the WWE sees in Roman Reigns, he’s not fully there yet. What I would love to see is Roman associated with the supposed stable Triple H is putting together with Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe. If Roman turned bad and became a wrecking machine for anyone that got in his way, his in ring work would improve. Spending time with folks like Triple H, Kevin Owens, and Samoa Joe, all three who are brilliant on the mic, he’d be able to learn from some of the best to improve his mic skills. Honestly, his mic skills are his biggest area of opportunity. If WWE were confident in him speaking, they wouldn’t have him be interrupted pretty much every time he gets ready to talk. Aligning him with superstars who could coach him will do nothing but help him.

As far as Braun Strowman, I don’t know where last night leaves him. The crowd loves how he’s tearing through the roster but with the definitive way Roman Reigns took care of him at Fastlane and the way he stepped aside for The Undertaker, he appears to be a little adrift at this point, with a probable spot in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal in his future. Braun has done a lot to impress me the past few months. I get that not every superstar will have a chance to be involved in a long term story line but it would be disappointing if they don’t find him something to do and quick.

I appreciated how they gave Kevin Owens an out for not immediately demanding a rematch for the Universal Championship. To say I was unhappy with how he lost at Fastlane would be an understatement. I felt the 22 second match did more to hurt Owens than it did to make Goldberg look dominant. Not that I anticipated a sixty minute iron man match or anything yet they could have given Owens more to do than just stand there and take the spear and jackhammer. Having him address this when he confronted Chris Jericho gave me enough confidence that his battle with Jericho would not be a demotion. His run as Universal Champion wasn’t the best but in the last few weeks he’s shown a fire that hasn’t been there since his days as NXT Champion. That needs to continue.

The Raw Women’s Championship picture is in disarray. I don’t know what they were thinking allowing Charlotte to lose her match at Fastlane against Bayley. She should not have lost the championship until Wrestlemania in my opinion but having her lose what they were building up as some major streak for no apparent reason was frustrating. Now they’re making Bayley look foolish by just now realizing that Sasha Banks helping her win matches is not something a babyface should be doing. Sasha faced off against Bayley and beat her for a chance to be in a triple threat match at Wrestlemania for the Raw Women’s Championship.

The biggest mistake in the Draft last summer was splitting the Women’s roster. It has led to overexposure of premier matchups. There are only so many times you can see two or three superstars in the ring before you get bored with what you’re seeing. The roster of women the WWE has now are probably some of the best athletes they’ve ever had. With the planned Women’s Tournament happening on the WWE Network this summer, there’s a chance even more talented women from around the globe will get a chance to join the WWE which will definitely make the Women’s Division for both brands much more bearable to watch. As it stands, they are wasting the talent they have by not caring about the over exposure they’re creating.

Overall, the show last night was all right at best. It had some fun moments but the Road to Wrestlemania has not gone into over drive just yet. The next few weeks of programming on Raw and Smackdown will definitely be fun to watch. I just hope they refrain from making the mistakes they’re making now. It could lead to some long term damage they won’t be able to dig themselves out of.

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