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GRRM Recently Consulted On House Of The Dragon Season 3/4 Plus Met With Publishers About The Winds of Winter

GRRM reveals he recently consulted on House of the Dragon Season 3/4 whilst he was in the U.K. meeting with publishers about The Winds of Winter.  GRRM (George R. R. Martin) is (as I'm sure

GRRM Gives New The Winds Of Winter Update To Fans – Longest Book Of Series

George R. R. Martin (GRRM) gives a new The Winds of Winter update to fans, confirming for one that it is the longest book in the series currently. Now, if the update was as dramatic

Wheel Of Time Predictions For Season 3 – BOOK SPOILERS

I figured it was a good time to have some The Wheel of Time predictions for Season 3. I'll stress up front that I have read the books. Ergo, this is not an article designed

What Will They Do In The Season 2 Finale Of Wheel Of Time? | BOOK SPOILERS!

There has been a lot of debate among fans about what they will do in the Season 2 finale to Wheel of Time? I will stress this post is intended for those who have read

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas: Beyond Halloween Town | Emily Zemler on Compiling the History of Beloved Film Into Book

The Nightmare Before Christmas had an enduring legacy for the past 30 years since its release by Tim Burton. Author and journalist Emily Zemler compiled the films history and influences into a beautiful collectible book

Good Omens 2 Trailer And Synopsis Explores What Happened Next

Was a bit surprised when we found out this one was happening, but here we are. A Good Omens 2 trailer, synopsis and more have been released ahead of the sequel series coming to Amazon

Krasinski Announces FINAL Season of Jack Ryan Premiere Date – Here’s What They Should Do Next

The news is that John Krasinski announces the final Season of Jack Ryan premiere date on Amazon Prime. However, I'm not interested in the release date, which by the way is June 30th this year.

Hide or Seek Spotlight with Dan DiDio: The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss; Hide or Seek Spotlight with Dan DiDio The Comic Source Podcast Buy Hide Or Seek HERE Visit the Frank Miller Presents Website Follow Frank Miller Presents on Twitter Jace chats

HBO To Reboot Harry Potter As A TV Series

This sounds like the very definition of a cash grab to me. However, the latest news is that HBO to reboot Harry Potter as a TV series! The information comes from Bloomberg, who say a

New The Wheel Of Time Books? That’s The Latest Barside Buzz

If there's one headline I never thought I'd write, its new The Wheel of Time books, and yet, that's the Barside Buzz coming from one source. WoT Up, the WoT focused YouTube channel has been