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No Mustafar Fight In Ahsoka After All – Baylon Recast| Barside Buzz

According to the same source who claimed this originally, it seems there will be no Mustafar fight in Ahsoka after all and we might need a Baylon recast sadly. MSW made the claim they had

Threepio To Appear In Ahsoka Episode 8 Rumor But No Luke Or Zeb | Barside Buzz

According to the Buzz from the leaks community, it's claimed Threepio is to appear in Ahsoka Episode 8, and there will be no Luke or Zeb. To explain where this comes from, let's back up.

New Images For Ezra Bridger Ahsoka Figure Reveals Show Look

Hasbro has a listing plus new images for the Ezra Bridger Ahsoka figure, and it reveals what Ezra's show look will be. So far in Ahsoka we have only seen the live-action Ezra in a

Doctor Strange 3 Rumored Plot To Adapt Time Runs Out Comic | Barside Buzz

The latest Barside Buzz says the Doctor Strange 3 rumored plot will adapt the Time Runs Out comic book. Most MCU movies and shows take their inspirations from rather than directly adapt the comics. One

Deadpool 3: More Set Photos Show Wolverine Vs Deadpool And Smashed Fox Logo

There are more Deadpool 3 set photos today folks and these ones show both Wolverine vs Deadpool and a smashed 20th Century Fox logo in the background. The images of the fight itself I cannot

Jacen Syndulla Gets A New Look For Ahsoka If These LEGO Sets Are From The Show

According to some new leaked LEGO Sets, it seems Jacen Syndulla gets a new look for Ahsoka. When we last saw Jacen at the end of Rebels, he was young kid. However his look, which

Where Does Indiana Jones And The Dial Of Destiny Rank Against Rest Of Franchise?

I finally managed to catch Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny this Saturday and I wrote this article the day after on Sunday. One question I wanted to explore as a big Indy fan

Wolverine In Classic Costume Set Photo Shared From Deadpool 3

Last week we shared the rumor, now see the evidence, as we have an image of Wolverine in classic costume from a set photo shared online from Deadpool 3. The Image below was shared as

Loki Season 2 Plot SPOILERS (Mild) Make Their Way Online | Barside Buzz

Some Loki Season 2 plot SPOILERS have made their way online in the latest Barside Buzz. Though, relatively mild SPOILERS for now, I have to warn you that's just my opinion. Therefore, decide for yourself

Secret Invasion: Does Nick Fury Know His Wife Is…SPOILERS?

Right up front I will say this article contains some pretty major SPOILERS for Secret Invasion Episode 2, so back out know if you've not seen Episode 2 and don't want spoilers. The question we