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2023 Gaming Geek Gift Guide!

2023 was a fantastic year for tabletop gaming! Board games of all shapes are likely to continuing an excellent pastime, and so LRM Online is here to help you with your holiday for the gamers

Tabletop Game Review – Snap Ships Tactics

Snap Ships Tactics by Snap ShipsPrice: ~$80Players: 1-2 (up to 4 with expansions)Playtime: 30-120 minutesPerfect for: Duos who love measurement/spatial battling, ship construction, and strategic resource allocation. Snap Ships Tactics is a game of spacecraft

Tabletop Game Review – Sagrada Artisans

Sagrada Artisans by Floodgate GamesPrice: ~$75Players: 2-4Playtime: 45-60 minutesPerfect for: Groups who love beautiful legacy games full of dice drafting and creative resource/tool allocation. Sagrada Artisans is a game of crafting the most glorious stained-glass

Tabletop Game Review – Horrified: Greek Monsters

Horrified: Greek Monsters by RavensburgerPrice: ~$35Players: 1-5Playtime: 60 minutesPerfect for: Groups of Greek mythology aficionados who enjoy cooperative problem solving and resource efficiencies. Horrified: Greek Monsters is a game of monster hunting! Pandora’s Box has

Tabletop Game Review – Heroes of Barcadia

Heroes of Barcadia by RollacritPrice: $~60.00Players: 2 to 6 (up to 8 with an expansion)Playtime: ~30 to 90 minutesPerfect for: Players seeking an entertaining party game that focuses on dungeon crawling and dice rolling. Heroes

Tabletop Game Review – KAPOW! Volume 1

KAPOW! Volume 1 by Wise Wizard GamesPrice: $50.00Players: 2 (can also be played solo, or 2v2)Playtime: ~20 to 60 minutesPerfect for: Players who enjoy strategic dice-based, quasi-asymmetrical dueling games with a hint of luck. KAPOW!

Tabletop Game Review – Disney Lorcana

Disney Lorcana by RavensburgerPrice: Varies – Starter decks are ~$17.00Players: 2 (can theoretically be expanded infinitely)Playtime: ~30 minutesPerfect for: Players who enjoy quasi-asymmetrical dueling using self-constructed card decks, and fans of Disney in general. Disney

Tabletop Game Review – Unmatched Marvel: Brains and Brawn

Unmatched Marvel: Brains and BrawnPrice: ~$50.00Players: 2 to 3 (can be combined with other Unmatched sets to play up to 4)Playtime: 20-40 minutesPerfect for: Players who enjoy asymmetrical balanced dueling, and games with incredible art

Tabletop Game Review – Earth

Earth by InsideUp GamesPrice: ~$50.00Players: 1 to 5Playtime: 45 to 90 minutesPerfect for: Groups who love complex, strategic engine builders with a strong theme and multiple paths to victory through resource collection/allocation. Earth is a

Tabletop Game Review – Marvel: Damage Control

Marvel: Damage Control by WizKidsPrice: ~$35.00Players: 1 to 4Playtime: 30 minutesPerfect for: Individuals who enjoy fast-paced, engine-fueled deck builders with an affinity for all things Marvel.   Marvel: Damage Control is a game of clean