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FOX’s thriller series 24 is getting a reboot once again — this time, however, it’s a complete overhaul. Deadline reports that the long-running franchise is getting reimagined in a bit of an unexpected way.

The new series won’t just be a female-led one, but this new incarnation of 24 will take the real-time format that made the original so captivating, and put it in an all-new legal setting. That’s right, this usually terrorism-themed series is being transformed into a legal-themed series.

This new idea comes from 24 executive producers Howard Gordon and Brian Grazer, and it also brings in The Killing‘s Jeremy Doner. The script for this pilot is set to be written by Gordon and Doner.

The plot of this new take will reportedly follow a female prosecutor who finds out that a man she put on death row is innocent. She then has to race against the clock to prove his innocence before it’s too late.

I have to say, as a huge fan of the original series, this is a much-needed reimagining. While I love 24 as it was back in the early 2000s, the reality is that the world we live in is a whole lot different, and 24 is very much a time capsule of the era in which it was created. Even the recent seasons of the show had that early 2000s feeling to it that didn’t age well.

Let’s hope that this new take on 24 will be just as engaging, but all the more fitting to today’s sensibilities.

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SOURCE: Deadline

  • GeneralKael

    Wait, what?

  • Behemothrex

    ROFL man they just can’t let this shit go can they. So the dramatic paper work filing scenes will get Emmy Awards for sure.

  • Weresmurf

    24 if anything, should go back to the original premise. An anthology series, which would just follow a new character in a 24 hour situation season to season.

    As it stands, this is going to be hilarious, if they want a *real* look at how lawyers actually work, there better be say, 8 hours or so worth of episodes of her sitting on her ass, filling in paperwork, cruising websites, getting pissed off with how much she has to read, being frustrated making phonecalls, then having to deal with red tape. Then just saying “Fuck it” and heading home for the night. Because no legal process EVER gets solved in 24 hours 😛

  • TheOct8pus

    Hahahahaaaaa!!! in 24 hours you’re lucky to get some paperwork filed!! Has anyone dealt with the court system?? Everything takes FOREVER!!!!

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