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In recent years Hollywood has maximized the horror movie formula: low-budget, up-and-coming cast, and a scary but novel gimmick. Last year’s super successful Don’t Breathe — budgeted at $9.9 million — was a perfect example; simply take away one sense in a quasi-haunted house and everything else becomes suddenly terrifying — a helluva gimmick! This simple concept, the absence of sound, heightened everything else in that film. 10 Cloverfield Lane leveraged that model, locking its cast into an underground bunker to hide from the monster off-screen.

Jon Krasinski’s latest project — as writer, director, and star — is a creepy, post-apocalyptic horror film that borrows heavily from Don’t Breathe and 10 Cloverfield Lane, plus a bit of The Walking Dead and The Omega Man too. Krasinski’s A Quiet Place focuses upon a single family struggling to survive after… well, it’s not exactly clear what happened. All we can tell from this trailer is that monsters have apparently wiped out humanity — and they have a really keen sense of sound.

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Krasinski, along with fellow star Emily Blunt, are raising three kids on a woodsy farm, under duress of these local monsters with apparently vicious claws (if the marks on the wall are any indication). The family walks around barefoot and communicates via sign language, which begs the obvious question: does anyone speak in this film? I’d love to see the screenplay for this thing!

I’m trying to imagine the studio pitch meeting: it’s a horror movie where we hide the monsters off-screen and no one speaks… whaddaya think? It’s a cool premise, and the trailer nails the sense of fear and quiet. In an era of ever-louder and more spectacular blockbusters it’s awesome to see a filmmaker take a chance with something restrained, tight, and character-based.

Are you ready for a horror movie completely executed in sign language? Let us know in the comments down below!

A Quiet Place hits theaters in April, 2018.

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SOURCE: Paramount

  • DAH

    ‘Are You Ready For A Silent Horror Movie?’ Answer = No sounds awfull

  • Danny B

    Well if it was in space at least no one would hear…….you know

  • Behemothrex

    This is completely unrealistic, no one can make no sound whatsoever. If it was just talking or making loud noises that’s one thing, but seriously with this level of sound sensitivity they would hear the light bulb filament, breathing, farts, burps, etc. So interesting concept but taken into absurdity.

  • TheOct8pus

    I wonder if there will be a soundtrack….think of how much money they’ll save without one

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