– by Emmanuel Gomez

 News hit today regarding Fox developing a solo film for an interesting Marvel X-Men character. We are talking about James Arthur Madrox aka Multiple Man. But who is he?

This character first appeared in Marvel Comics’ Giant-Size Fantastic Four #4 and was created by the late Len Wein, Chris Claremont and John Buscema.

Mardox has the mutant ability to create exact duplicates of himself, which are often reffered to as “dupes.” Each dupe is an exact replica of Mardox, which include whatever clothes or accessories he has on. He creates them by absorbing kinetic energy. The more energy he absorbs, the more dupes he can make, which can be something as simple as snapping his fingers or clapping. This also means that his dupes can be created if Mardox is struck without being mentally prepared for it. He has a low-level telepathic connection with his dupes, which allow him to control or coordinate them as well as track them. But one downfall of this connection is that it links their experienced pain as well as the psychic feedback when a dupe dies. Even so, some dupes have been able to grow independent and unpredictable, sometimes feeding off of emotions and desires that Mardox himself does not know he has deep inside him.

One interesting note about Mardox’s character is that he was born with his mutant ability. When he was born, the delivering doctor smacked his bottom to encourage him to cry and breathe. In doing so, a duplicate suddenly appeared. His father, Dr. Daniel Madrox, created a special suit for his son to be able to control his ability. Unfortunately for Jamie, his parents past away in a tornado when he was a teenager, leaving only him on the farm as his only companion, where he spent years working. As a young adult, his suit malfunctioned and began to drive him crazy. This caused his first showdown with the Fantastic Four in New York.

With many appearances in comic books throughout the years, including Marvels’ 2005 X-Men Deluxe and 2006 X-Factor, his most recent appearance is a tragic one, as he dies in the arms of Cyclops due to his exposure to the Inhumans’ Terrigen cloud in Death of X #1 in December of 2016. He has briefly appeared in X-Men: The Animated Series and Wolverine and the X-Men, but a mostly on X-Men: Evolution. A version of his character also appeared in Fox’s X-Men: The Last Stand where he was played by Eric Dane.

When you first think about the character, it would seem like he would be more of a side character instead of a leading role. However, if you look at his story it could make for an interesting plot, maybe his dupes get out of control and he has to track them down. With an actor like James Franco, it would definitely bring in some interest from audiences, but don’t expect this one to be a summer blockbuster. What do you think, would you be looking forward to a Multiple Man movie, or is this too outside the box for you? Let us know below!

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  • Kindofabigdeal

    I always want to sing his name to the tune of Particle Man.
    Multiple Man, Multiple Man
    Multiplies faster than a rabbit can
    Like that Keaton movie from the 80’s man
    Multiple Man

  • Victor Roa

    the elevator pitch was “James Franco gets punched a duplicate gets made.”

  • Scott Caudill

    His stint in X-Factor was fuckin’ funny, thanks to Peter David. Give me something like that and I’m in. In fact, give us an X-Factor movie based on that run and I’m totally in!

  • Mad Barchetta

    I think a Netflix series would be a better idea. Taking stories from Peter David’s second run on X-Factor, which focused on Madrox, it would be excellent, but too much to squeeze into a movie.

  • TransJinderMahal

    Check out the band Twiztid if anyone is so inclined. One of the 2 guys in the band is named Jamie Madrox and he raps about being the Multiple Man and Batman. It’s funny stuff,will give you a chuckle fo’ sho’.