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Olicity — You have to be KIDDING ME.  This picture says it all (when I saved the picture I titled it “No”).  Not only is it another re-hashed storyline, but it is one that no one wants.  I have an idea, let’s throw the mantle of the Green Arrow onto Diggle since he is clearly fit for the job at this moment in time (sarcasm) in order to have a better relationship with William, then go back to Felicity.   He hasn’t had enough trauma, let’s move a new woman in as quickly as possible.  Maybe I’m going overboard, but the logistics of Arrow at this moment in time don’t make any sense.  It’s as if they are making it up as they go.  The first five seasons had a plan.  Granted, some of it was disjointed (Season 4), but it fit together.  Season 6 seems to be a hodge-podge of previous stories mixed with new ideas that don’t make sense.  There is so much great source material out there.  Use. It.  You know what could be a great storyline to adapt?  The Outsiders War.  This is a group representing clans from a specific totem weapon including: arrow, sword, spear, fist, shield, axe, and mask.  The team consists of Komodo, Golgatha, Magus, John Butcher, Shado, Emika Queen, and Katana.  Some of the characters have already been introduced into the Arrowverse, which would make for an easy transition.  If any of them are dead, well, pull a Lance family and bring them back as many times as you’d like.  In the story, Oliver learns of the group and that he and his family were involved from their connections from the island.  Now granted some aspects would have to be adapted, but that is a story that is unique, fits into the Arrowverse, and gets off of the “save this city from the inside out” that we have seen Every. Single. Season.  If you haven’t read, or heard, of the storyline, I’d highly recommend it.  Even if this wouldn’t work, what about Vigilante?  Remember him?  The person we thought would have a huge role only to be randomly tossed from a building never to be heard from again?  Bring him back.


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(Photo Courtesy of DC/The CW).

Diggle is The Green Arrow — On Diggle’s first mission, everyone seems to notice that the Green Arrow did not use any actual arrows.  I think the main issue I have with this, aside from what most have mentioned about putting Diggle in charge, is that this doesn’t feel like Green Arrow.  It’s a show about Team Arrow, which has been the downfall of the past couple seasons.  What made previous seasons so great was the focus on Oliver being Green Arrow.  It had a sense of mystery and intrigue.  This just feels like another group thrown together to fight a “bad guy” as Anatoly put it last week.  Diggle seems to not only have issues firing a weapon, but his decision-making is off as well, which makes a hit to his credibility as leader. The discussion between he and Oliver worked well in the episode, and shed more light on how close to two are. At the end of the episode viewers find that Diggle is taking some type of drug to calm his tremors.


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The “Bad Guy”? — Maybe this is who Anatoly was referring to.  Anyways, a woman (Onyx Adams) breaks into Kord Industries in order to steal military grade gas weapons (let’s hope it’s not to use against Star City).  In the comics, Onyx was a member of the League of Assassins who eventually had encounters with Green Arrow, Black Canary, and Batman while eventually training  with Cassandra Cain (Batgirl).

Next week looks to bring us…Black Siren again…I’ve always been a strong advocate for Arrow, but this is becoming frustrating.  There is still so much potential for what this show could be, yet they have become completely unoriginal and mundane.  I would rather have flashbacks than Olicity again.  What did you think of this week’s episode?  Is there a Green Arrow storyline you would like for them to adapt?  Is there a villain you’d like to see (as of right now there doesn’t seem to be a formidable foe in sight)?  Does anyone actually like Olicity?  Leave your comments in the usual spot, and thanks for reading (sorry, not sorry for the ranting!).

Arrow returns next Thursday at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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  • Kronx

    Right now we’re still in the set up phase. It was the same deal last season when Oliver was recruiting folks and beating them up. We had a stand-in bad guy. We had some plot wandering. It was similar confusion.

    The stories about Diggle and drugs, Oliver being investigated, etc. these probably won’t even be around in a month. We’re getting rope-a-doped. We’re getting a picture of Oliver’s life that is going to be destroyed.

    But they have to set the pins up to knock them down again.

    As for Olicity, it’s pretty important at the moment because it allows Oliver to maintain an emotional connection to the team while he’s trying to be a dad. I actually like the coupling, but I think they need to take a few risks and move into new ground with it. Let it evolve organically. No more sweeps BS.

  • Weresmurf

    “The first five seasons had a plan.”

    The first TWO seasons had a plan, then it felt like they were throwing shit at a wall. The fifth season was back on track. Would you please stop retconning history? I hated “Olicity” in season 4. However now? It feels like it’s more ‘earnt’. Like Kronx says, it’s in the ‘setup phase’, it’s literally 3 episodes in so by god stop over-reacting with the hyperbolic headlines.

    Everything needs to be put in place before it can be taken away. Vigilantes of the darker nature are not allowed, by definition, to be happy. We’ll see everything stripped from Oliver, and I’m BETTING Felicity is one of those things, I don’t see her making it through this season alive for some reason. Partially because this season so far, she simply hasn’t been annoying?

  • Wild Dreams

    Calm down…I hate olicity as much as the next but we are what 3 episodes in ? my goodness lol relax

  • Fallout Boy!

    Because “writers”. Massive money on the line for the schlock they peddle season after season – WHY would they complicate things by going to source material to the degree that it undermines their paychecks? No, they think they ARE the creators of Green Arrow and thus mediocrity shall persist…

  • Kebert Xela

    it’s already been announced that they’ll be revealing vigilante’s identity in season six. if i knew that, so should you.