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The search is done for the titular character in DC’s upcoming film, Shazam. According to Variety, Zachary Levi will be playing the superhero in Lights Out director David F. Sandberg’s adaptation.

Shazam follows a boy named Billy Batson who has the ability to transform into the adult superhero known as Shazam — now played by Levi. One big actor who was rumored to be in talks for the role was John Cena, and while he would have been an interesting fit, it sounds like that never panned out.

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We’re not sure what to think of this casting decision. From a personality and acting perspective, Levi is actually quite an inspired choice. Our only criticism comes from his appearance. When one thinks of Shazam, one tends to think of big, pro-wrestler-type muscles, and that’s likely not what you think of when you think of Levi. But of course, that’s an obstacle that can be overcome with a lot of elbow grease from Levi, and a very strict diet. With the film likely shooting around March or so of next year, he has a few months to build himself up.

DC Films is still searching for their Billy Batson, and while it’s interesting to see Levi finally fill this long-vacant role, we’re more interested to see who’ll play this kid.

What do you think of Levi playing Shazam? Let us know down below!

Shazam hits theaters on April 19, 2019.

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SOURCE: Variety

  • Victor Roa

    the thing is, casting a pro-wrestler would best fit the theme of a child who fantasizes being a super hero that’s on Par with Superman. You can’t get any more cartoonie then John Cena unless you had Roger rabbit animators.
    But like, Zackary Levi has actively tried to changed his persona from Chuck by doing more action film roles. The whole Thor Findral was something he actively trained and pursue even though the other guy looks liked Cary Elwes in 1987 (a film with the best Wrestler actor ever). I don’t doubt he will bulk up to the size of Henry Cavill, but everything seems like a sad attempt at not being type casted as a nerd when in reality he does excellent voice work as Flynn Rider on Tangled.

    • randomironicname

      I agree 100% that Shazam should look like a child’s fantasy version of a super hero. He should be a wall of muscles and pretty one dimensional. The kid should carry all the story and Shazam should just pop in to fight.

      • Victor Roa

        exactly. Check out JLU “Clash”

  • Weresmurf

    I learnt LONG ago not to judge. He can bulk himself up. What counts here is the performance. Nothing else.

    • AmiRami

      And Levi is the perfect choice for a grown up with child like wonder as he displayed on Chuck.

      • Weresmurf

        Yep exactly.

  • randomironicname

    This would be a perfect casting if it were on the CW.

  • Psychotic Bitch With a Knife

    This is retarded. John Cena should be Shazam. I like Zack on Chuck but this is just dumb.

  • the50sguystrikesback

    {“When one thinks of Shazam, one tends to think of big, pro-wrestler-type muscles, and that’s likely not what you think of when you think of Levi…”}

    The late Christopher Reeve weighed 187 pounds when he was cast as Superman. Actor and bodybuilder Dave Prowse (Darth Vader) weight trained him and got him up to 220 pounds.

    I’m sure Levi will do well. And when you guys post the first pic of him AS Shazam…
    I’m certain everyone will be believers then. You know fanboys…they can’t see it until they SEE it. 🙂

  • Scott Caudill

    I just checked out his stats in IMDB and he stands 6’3″. That’s taller than Cavill. And I did like him as Fandrel.

  • Deathstroke936

    Shazam is in many ways the equivalent of Big. Every time Cap speaks the audience has to believe that its a kid that is actually talking. Being able to convey how a 12 year old would react to funny and perhaps not so funny adult situations is what Levi can do. He did it in a way already in Chuck. I think this is a brilliant choice.

  • Alex Mendoza

    Still should have been Rob Riggle as Shazam IMO……opportunity missed……same as my suggestion that Djimon Honsou should have been Back Panther……oh well….

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