‘Bruce Lee’ Biopic in Development by Daughter

– by Gig Patta

Shannon Lee is honoring her late father in a big way by announcing a biopic of kung fu and movie star legend “Bruce Lee.”

There are countless stories and biopics about Lee, but Sharon Lee believes this film will capture more of the philosophy, extensive writings and entire life history, as well as his skill as a martial artist, which is the goal of this latest development effort.

Other films or projects didn’t have much input or official authorization from the Bruce Lee estate or Bruce Lee Entertainment.

Another project in the works from producer Bill Block are moving forward with “Birth of the Dragon,” a Bruce Lee film based on a magazine article in which he acquired the rights.

Will this unnamed project from Sharon Lee be more genuine? It’ll be hard-to-tell since Lee was four-years-old when her father died. The estate will have more access to documents and writings that may portray the real Bruce Lee.

This projected will be produced in association with Janet Yang, Lawrence Grey and Ben Everard.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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