Comic Book Review: House of Penance #2

– by Jeremy Scully
House of Penance #2


Sarah Winchester’s house is always under construction, which is good because the banging of hammers keeps her demons at bay. Her construction crew of vagrants and murderers build, tear down, and rebuild the mansion according to her visions. But now her newest employee, Warren Peck, has brought some demons of his own...


I think I’m done with this book. I tried, but the art just really throws me out of the story, and even that is awkward and slow moving. It’s hard to tell if we are supposed to believe this is a true story and all the weird red “demon” things are simply an aspect of Sara Winchester’s insanity or if only some people are able to see them now that the drifter who showed up seems to realize they are there, too. Even that is confusing, since the drifter was fine one moment but then moved into the furnace room and was suddenly completely dehydrated and insane in a night? I mean, I get it- the story is creepy, Sara Winchester had this house built in all sorts of weird ways thanks to voices in her head, and its all haunted by the ghosts of the dead from her husband’s guns, blah blah blah.

This book isn’t creepy, it’s not moving well and it’s a shame because I typically enjoy Peter Tomasi. Here, Tomasi and Ian Bertram just aren’t delivering. Personally, I’ll skip to when the whole series is done and maybe marathon read it in a night.

  • The Hey!: The story is still interesting over all, but the execution is not.

  • The Eh: The art. The plot. The whole book.

  • The What?: There are some nice exterior shots and some moments are a little creepier than others.

  • Who should read this series?: I guess if you really are a fan of the real life story it’s interesting otherwise I’d say skip it.

  • Why should you buy this book?: You really shouldn’t. There just isn’t enough here to justify getting anything more than maybe a trade when it’s all done.

Score: C

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May 11th, 2016

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