– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Ghostbusters is a franchise that Dan Aykroyd doesn’t want to die. The third film spent countless years in development hell before finally being reworked into last year’s all-female Ghostbusters reboot.

While the movie itself was a fine little movie, it by no means took the world by storm. Those who came in ready to hate it found no reason to change their opinions, and for a movie that had such an uphill battle, it simply wasn’t good enough to overcome that obstacle. So here we are now, over a year later, thinking about other potential possibilities for the franchise.

Speaking with CinemaBlend, Ghostbusters co-creator Dan Aykroyd discussed whether there was any interest in bringing Ghostbusters back as a live-action Netflix series.

“Yes. Absolutely. Sure. Sure. I can see several possibilities there. You know? Take a cue from these guys in Stranger Things and maybe have the Ghostbusters in high school or something.”

In one quick sentence, Aykroyd had me go from excited to skeptical. I love the idea of having a lower key Ghostbusters series on Netflix. Something that better captures the dry spirit of that first one, and has an overarcing narrative that builds over the season.

However, as soon as he brought in the idea of high school, I was immediately turned off. I don’t think we want to see a bunch of teens do stuff like that, as it seems like a recipe for lazy, network TV-style shenanigans, which we don’t need.

What do you think of Aykroyd’s comments? Would you like to see the Ghostbusters on Netflix? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: CinemaBlend

  • Kindofabigdeal

    Just let it go. You know Netflix will greenlight anything. Don’t ruin the legacy any more than it needs to be.
    D Akroyd: So we have this group of teenage kids. They are the grand kids of the original plus some wild cards. Ray has just died and finds out some terrible upcoming event from the afterlife. He contacts his grandson and instructs him on where the equipment is at. Egon’s grand daughter is naturally a genius and helps upgrade the equipment after a rough first run. Now they have to balance busting ghosts while completing their homework and keeping it a secret from their parents who just are embarrassed by the Ghostbusting and just want it to go away.

  • 2 Left Thumbs

    Making it a high school story would be so stupid!!
    It doesn’t have to have anything to do with the original characters. That is one thing the reboot got right, is not making the characters aunts/nieces/daughters of the original.

    Make it it’s own thing. Make a team of characters of any gender and ethnicity (it shouldn’t matter). Then structure it like a cop drama or something – with 7 hour long episodes of small interconnected cases, building up to a big 90 minute 8th episode where they confront the big bad!

    Don’t put some dumb spin on it like, “What if they were in highschool!?” or, “What if the Ghostbusters had kids?!” or, “What if the characters were all X!?” None of that matters, and none of that makes it more compelling to watch.

  • Behemothrex

    Dan….get close….closer…..STOP! We know you love Ghostbusters, and we do too but we want to remember the good times not keep remembering all the failed attempts to recreate what was a one time lightning in a bottle event.

  • Brafdorf

    It’s just like when he thought of Stay Puff.

    Sometimes you should empty your head instead so you don’t create a Godzilla sized monster that destroys the city.

    That being said Netflix is at least a good idea.
    They should go the gritty route though. Make it legit scary at times.

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