– by Joseph Jammer Medina

The Han Solo Star Wars spinoff film, Solo: A Star Wars Story, may have had some trying times in 2017, but it looks like it’s still making steady progress towards its eventual release, if the marketing is to be believed.

LRM has spotted a poster to the film out in the wild, wild west of Colorado.

Check out the photos below:

As you can see, this poster is incredibly simplistic in its design, and is pretty much just the logo on black, which is perfect for the franchise. When you’re Star Wars, you really don’t need to put a whole lot of effort into selling it.

However, the big takeaway here is that May 25 date at the bottom. As you likely know, Solo: A Star Wars Story faced a troubled production, with directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller getting ejected from the film a few weeks before shooting ended. In their place came the reliable Ron Howard, who has since made sure the film is on course to release.

However, with all these troubles, one would expect that it may be shooting towards a December 2018 release date. Not only would this give them more time to make a more polished finished product, but it falls in line with all other releases so far. Plus, with Star Wars: Episode IX now lined up for a December 2019 release date in the wake of Colin Trevorrow’s departure, no one would blame them for pushing it.

But with this poster still pushing May 25 as the release date, it looks like — as of right now — Lucasfilm is still dead set on its May 2018 release.

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  • axebox

    I wonder why they’re not just releasing a movie every Christmas.

    • JZC

      Bc eventually they probably want to have 1 – 2 movies / year.

  • Moby85

    I definitely think it’s a Disney priority to churn out at least 1 Star Wars every year. Honestly as fans we’re pretty spoiled. I mean The Force Awakens and Rogue One weren’t my absolute favorite Star Wars films but I did really enjoy them.

    Growing up as a kid starving for anything Star Wars even the four year wait from 1993 until 1997 when I believe the first Special Edition film hit the theatres felt like an absolute eternity – and for an 8 year-old it was.

  • Ryan Fink

    That poster is so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Why bother

  • Kindofabigdeal

    Does this mean we get Infinity War and Star Wars in the same month???

    • Nick

      Yes… within 3 weeks… I think? Really shooting themselves in the foot. Pirates 5 followed Guardians Vol. 2 by 3 weeks, but that was Pirates… not Star Wars…

      That being said, I think Infinity War will out gross Solo: A Star Wars Story. The first time a Marvel topped a Star Wars movie in the same year of release. At least I hope so…

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