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Warner Bros.’ recent superhero team-up flick, Justice League has just crossed the $500 million mark at the global box office, Forbes is reporting. This number comes 13 days after the film’s launch in North America, and in those days, they’ve managed to tally up $178.9 million domestically.

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Justice League has had a bit of a rough start — only taking in $94 million in its opening weekend. With any other film, this could be viewed as a success, but given the huge, $300 million price tag attached to it (not even including marketing), as well as the fact that this film sees the union of six big DC heroes, it’s a huge disappointment.

At this point, Justice League is really pushing to just break even, with analysts pointing to around $700 million being the magic number they have to hit. But can it do it? It’s not impossible, but it is unlikely. These next two weekends will be a crucial one for the film, as they will be the last ones before juggernaut Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters.

Earlier reports projected the film will peter out at around $635 million, but of course, that could change. Plus, with the release of the new Avengers: Infinity War trailer, some audiences may find the itch to see a superhero team-up film in any form, even it’s not of the Marvel persuasion.

What do you think about Justice League breaking $500 million? Do you think it can hit $700 million? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: Forbes

  • People have been just too harsh and overly critical of this film. Sure, it’s not a magnum opus and has its definite flaws and baggage of failures in tow at every level…

    But I sincerely feel that DC can use this film to build something more solid moving forward. It’s been an incredibly frustrating journey of development for them and for us as fans to witness this, especially since these characters are well known and loved, but we have to hope that moving forward, the quality curve points upward rather than down.

    There are already glimpses that this could be true especially now that there’s a tangible move away from Zack’s hugely flawed and derided vision.

    • ScreamFace

      The problem is they have forever damaged what Snyder was trying to accomplish. BvS will always be a weaker film for removing a lot of the set up it did for Justice League.

      • Or the view that Snyder actually ruined the foundation of the DCEU with his vision…and that a comeback is unlikely or improbable.

        But WW proved otherwise…and I’m sure it’ll be the same for the other stand alone films.

        • Alexander Nazarenko

          WW has a visually appealing style and slow-mo just like Snyder’s BvS. The tone is rather dark and even main characters can die, again just like with Snyder.
          So, what’s the difference? The difference is that WW has actually a good script that doesn’t have Martha or other weirdness.
          If Snyder is to blame, it is not for his vision (which is amazing and stands out a lot), but for his writers selection, which isn’t even mediocre: B-movies have better writing.

        • ScreamFace

          Whether you like Snyder’s vision or not. People are not responding at the box office to JL the same way they did to BvS. People say, oh they were burned. However why wouldn’t that have applied to WW?

          Snyder was setting up a bigger story, which was now thrown out. Maybe it’d have been worse, but I doubt it. It’d certainly be more interesting.

          • Because WW was not a Snyder film…and the positive WOM played a cumulative result at the end.

            Snyder was certainly setting up a bigger story.
            Audiences have been rejecting in greater numbers.

            Warner did the right thing in getting rid of him and trying to salvage whatever they have left.

      • Barry Meltfarb

        The set-up for Justice League was not removed. It was in the theatrical cut, and was, arguably, the worst stuff in the movie.

        • AndyInCleveland


          So you’re saying the JL side bits were the worst bits?

          Sorry no. The worst thing about Batman vs Superman was turning Lex Luthor into a gibbering spectrumish buffoon.

          The worst part about Justice League was waiting through the end credits just to get him on screen to ruin the film that I just watched.

        • Ryan Johnson

          Exactly. How about cutting that 10-minute ‘dream’ sequence from BVS that did nothing except advertise a future movie. Use that time to better develop the sorely lacking plot of the film.

          • ScreamFace

            Yeah but that was tied into the original plot of JL. They removed the connection. That weakens BvS and the film series. Steppenwolf resurrects Superman who then is brainwashed and works for him and Darkseid. The JL all failed. However Barry was able to go back in time and warn themselves. Allowing them to prevent the nightmare future. All stripped out of JL.

        • ScreamFace

          Yeah but all that set up was for stuff cut from JL. Go watch the trailers, Bruce talking about his dreams. His dreams was Steppenwolf resurrecting Superman and brainwashing him. All this stuff that was set up in BvS was simply removed from JL. Making the film series weaker. Now the dreams are just pointless. It makes BvS worse.

  • Kindofabigdeal

    I liked Justice League.
    That is all.

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