– by Seth McDonald

It’s no secret to Star Wars fans that Harrison Ford asked George Lucas to kill off Han Solo in Return of the Jedi. While we all know that didn’t happen at the time, with Star Wars the Force Awakens, Ford’s long desired request to have his character killed off was granted, leaving an emptiness in the Star Wars Universe that will never be filled. Even though science fiction inevitably lends its hand to a character returning from the dead, excluding Force ghosts, it’s not something that happens in Star Wars. In speaking with GQ (Via CBR) Ford expressed that he would rather not return to the world of Star Wars, but didn’t quite slam the door shut on reprising his iconic character:

“I mean, I’m finished with Star Wars if Star Wars is finished with me. I can’t imagine [returning]. But it is science fiction. I’d rather not. You know, at this point I’d rather do something else. Just because it’s more interesting to do something new.”

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Ford has been synonymous with the franchise and the character for 40 years now, and while he has had many other roles throughout his career, to Star Wars fans, he will always be that snarky smuggler, Han Solo. Even though he has only played the character once since the original trilogy ended, you can’t really blame the actor for wanting to step away. As much as I love Han Solo, I’m afraid I’m of the opinion he should stay dead, not only would his return nullify the impact of Kylo Ren’s heinous act of killing his own father, it would also be difficult to explain his coming back to life. Having said that, I am all for Han Solo appearing in flashbacks.

Would you want to see Han Solo somehow return to the Star Wars Universe? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: CBR

  • Kronx

    The only way I could see having Ford do more Solo would be to wrap up the anthology film perhaps.

    And that should of course be a scene with Chewie where Han’s heading out of the Falcon, Chewie growls, and Han replies “It’s not like he’s going to stab me with a lightsaber and throw me off a bridge with no hand rails,” after which he stares blankly into the camera for 30-45 seconds and then silently performs the Kinect Star Wars dancing routine to the Star Wars Cantina Theme played at half speed.

  • Lenin1959

    NO HAN SOLO FORCE GHOST? I am surprised… No, actually not.

  • Moby85

    Yeah, Ford should be done. He had his last, unexpected moments with fans. He was good enough as Han in Episode 7 and didn’t fall into the “old man Ford” mail it in routine. We need new exciting characters that are fairly young so we can move with them through future movies now.

    In Ford’s defense, if he even needs a defence, he did come back to Star Wars to finish his story. He’s also doing the same with Blade Runner, a film that left him even more bitterly disappointed with the original product. According to IMDB and Wikipedia Ford intentionally botched his film noir voice-over on the original cut he thought it was so wrong. But now he’s back.



  • Victor Roa

    Grandpa needs a nap…..Especially with Carrie Fisher passing, she did show us all how much she appreciated the series and had a lot of fun mocking it. Ford is a grouch, and it’s almost embarrassing to see him like this because now it’s blade runner and we are probably going to have him do eye rolls when someone asks him about something geeky. Yeah, celebrities should have private lives but at the same he should be more like Mark Hamill and just appreciate the audience and not resent them.

    • Kindofabigdeal

      Indiana Jones can do whatever he wants. Would it be cool if he was more fan friendly like Hamil, hell yeah. Imagine the stories he has about the behind the scenes of all his work.
      But Ford is no, and never was, a fan boy. He was in construction before being discovered by Lucas. He’s a simple man. He can disappear into roles and stories we love, but if he doesn’t want to mingle with us, then that’s his prerogative.
      He gave me what I wanted with Han in TFA, which was one of the highlights of that film. Let him live what years he has left comfortably and how he wants.

      • Victor Roa

        I have yet to meet anyone who has enjoyed a Ford performance after Air Force One. The Fugitive interrogation scene, he was giving it his all there. I saw TFA with a couple of high school girls and they kept saying “he’s so old.” What’s weird is he’s gotten worse as an actor, he doesn’t turn on the charm like Sabrina, he doesn’t do anything complicated like direct like Robert Redford. He does a film every 2 years grumbles all the time, and gives some of the most incoherent interviews. It’s like he wants to be Harry Dean Stanton but he still goes to big budget studio films.
        Yeah, but like half of this job is Promotion for the film. And not everyone can be Robert Downey Jr. And people want to see him, people want to hear about him, and he can’t deal with it. And especially now since so many actors have died in the past few years, he should really learn that life’s short and people love Indiana Jones punching Nazi, that beautiful smile he did in Empire, the Weird Accent in Blade Runner to sneak in a dressing room, or even the weird cameo as the Principal in ET.

    • noahwayne0

      Lets be honest – Ford had by far the best career of the original trio after SW. Fisher and Hamill meanwhile had quiet careers that were fading away. These new movies brought them back to mainstream relevancy.

      Hamill and Fisher needed these. Ford didn’t.

      Also, I imagine it must get tiresome very quickly to get harassed by fans. This was just another job for Ford. I’m sure he is grateful to Lucas, but by no means does he owe the fans anything. He did a job, got paid, and moved on.

      Personally, I don’t need my joy of the original movies to be validated by the actors or Lucas. They gave me two great movies and a decent third. They owe me or any other fan nothing.

      • Victor Roa

        he’s definitely burnt out faster then anyone. He has the right to have his own personal life just like anyone else. But considering how mortality can be so final especially with the passing of fisher, he comes off like a bitter old man who we all knew he gave up on star wars since 1997. And he just crawls out of bed into films today without the grace like Martin Sheen who actually still does amazing work today even if he can slum it in a film like Spawn. It’s sad, this is more like Orson Welle’s frozen peas ad

  • Jeremy Alexander

    The guy is inching closer to 80, let the guy rest. He did fine for Star Wars. I want to see new characters, not just an endless recycling of the old ones.