Author: Seth McDonald

Seth McDonald

Ryan Reynolds Suggests The Always Sunny Gang For Fantastic Four Reboot

In what has to be one of the best pitches I've heard in a long time, Ryan Reynolds has suggested the fab five from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Charlie, Mac, Sweet Dee, Dennis, and

Check Out This Mortal Kombat ‘Fight Koreography’ Featurette

While the Mortal Kombat film hit on several levels, it missed on just as many, if not more. I enjoyed parts of the film while other elements had me shaking my head. The film did

Mortal Kombat: Director Simon McQuoid Talks Sub-Zero’s Return

I was overconfident. Taken in by the trailers for the film. While I was entertained and more or less enjoyed the new Mortal Kombat film I have to say it wasn't a very good film. The

Check Out The First Teaser For The Dexter Revival

Well, folks, it's really happening. Television's most lovable serial killer is on his way back to the screen. Yes, Dexter Morgan will soon return as one of the most unusual albeit fascinating protagonists to ever

Sub-Zero vs Scorpion – The First Seven Minutes Of Mortal Kombat

We've seen some great video game rivalries over the years. Ken and Ryu, Mario and Bowser. However, none more biter than Sub-Zero and Scorpion. Their conflict goes much deeper than being members of opposing ninja

Justin Lin Gives His Thoughts On The Idea Of A Fast And Jurassic Crossover

Every once in a while pop-culture geeks get a nice little treat in the form of a crossover between major franchises. Alien vs Predator, X-Files/COPS (I still say an X-Files/Supernatural crossover was a huge missed

Check Out The New Trailer For F9: The Fast Saga

The Fast and Furious franchise has seen quite the evolution over the years, with the characters moving from being delinquent street racers to a very formidable team that can handle nearly any mission for which

Fascinating Film Facts: The Original Mortal Kombat Movie

Well fellow fans, we're just a few days away from the release of the Mortal Kombat reboot. A film I've waited a long time for which from all I've seen heard, and read is going

Tom Hiddleston Says Loki Is A Man Of Many Masks

Tom Hiddleston's Loki is one of those characters that confuse your emotions. On one hand, he is a villain and at times can be a dick, but he also has qualities (more of them) that

Indiana Jones 5 Adds Phoebe Waller-Bridge, John Williams Officially Returning To Score

Some news from the world of Fortune and Glory as Indiana Jones 5 has added Phoebe Waller-Bridge to the cast. The actress is perhaps best known for creating Killing Eve as well as creating and starring