Infinity War: Gamora Actress Wants To Fight Hulk - Taking Bets 2000-1 Odds

– by Drew Carlton

As of right now, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, set to Awesome Mix... bah, I am not repeating that whole synopsis again, is easily my most anticipated movie of the year, and I am sure others feel the same about the film. From the trailers we have seen, this epic space adventure promises even more action and one-liners than even the first installment.

Well, the guys (I am VERY jealous of this interview, by the way) over at were lucky enough to get a sitdown with the great Zoe Saldana, who plays Gamora, Star-Lord's main squeeze and a genetically modified daughter of Thanos, after he took her in when he destroyed her entire planet. The "daddy" relationship with Thanos soured immensely in the first Guardians of the Galaxy, and before we get to her quote, it is important to note that Gamora is not immortal.

They asked Saldana who she would like to face off with if she had to battle an Avenger.

"The Hulk. Or should I just be more specific? Mark [Ruffalo]."

I feel that the outcome of this fight could be answered with a gif.

Hulk vs. Loki, a god.

Hulk vs. Loki, a god.

Ya, so that will happen to poor Gamora x100, with around only a few pieces of flesh left over. However, we must not forget, Gamora is quite intelligent, so if she could sneak up on him with some type of Vorpal Sword, then maybe, just maybe, she could at least scratch him a bit.

SO who would win this fight, Gamora or Hulk? If you think Gamora could, then please explain why.

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