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Yeah, Iron Fist may not have been the best received series of the Marvel/Netflix brand, but it still performed incredibly well — enough to warrant a second season. But what plot points will Season 2 actually pick up from the first one?

Sadly, there are no real details surrounding whether or not any of those threads will be picked up, there is a character description from the folks over at ThatHashtag Show, and it may give some insight as to who we can expect on the villainous front.

Here’s what the character description says:

[TANYA PARKER](late-20’s, open ethnicity) As a freelance covert operative, Tanya has carried out many high-level missions. A chameleon adept at playing roles, Tanya inhabits the “part” that best fits the mission. SERIES REGULAR

So who is this character? It’s very possible that this woman is tasked with the mission to take out Danny Rand. If that’s the case, the outlet speculates that Lady Gorgon could be the big bad.

Lady Gorgon has an association with the Hand, and given that Madame Gao is still around, the two can be working to take out K’un L’un and the Iron Fist for good.

Of course, this is just speculation, and this description is vague enough that it can be pretty much any assassin-esque character out there. However, given Danny Rand’s history with the Hand, this seemed like a potential direction.

Do you think Lady Gorgon is one of the villains of the season? Are you looking forward to Iron Fist Season 2 at all? Let us know your thoughts own below!

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SOURCE: ThatHashtag Show

  • What kind of chameleon has a bubble butt like that!?!? 😜

  • SaiyanHeretic

    Is a gimp mask and ball gag seriously part of her costume?

    Fuckin’ hard up nerds.

  • chaburchak

    It will indeed be Lady Gorgon, and her outfit will be street clothes and a hoodie to match the rest of this sorry series…

  • Victor Roa

    Not a big fan of greek mythological name “gorgon” and then add pre teen’s idea of a HOT CHICK! That reminds me of a friend who loves this 70s film of “Baba Yaga” and it’s sexy italian fetish s&m bondage lesbian model and I’m like “So she doesn’t ride a tea cup or live in a house with a chicken’s foot?” I get that “vengeful lady who uses her sexuality” but when you take out everything that’s unique folklore or mythology then it becomes “well what are you saying about you’re repressed sexual frustrations?”

  • ShoNuf®

    I was hoping we’d get the same villain(s) as last season…bad screenwriters, lazy fight choreography and the most jaw-dropping bad acting ever(Danny). Those were the true villains of the series.

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