– by Joseph Jammer Medina

It’s no news that Batman v Superman was seen by some fans as too serious and glib. There seems to be this (read: incorrect) narrative that comic book movies need to have some levity to them, and it’s with that in mind that Warner Bros. seemed to be pushing forward with Justice League.

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Last year, some members of the press had a chance to visit the Justice League set, and the big takeaway here was that “lighter tone.” Even in the Justice League trailers, there’s a lot of hope and laughs to be had. But does that mean the film is all-around lighter?

Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, actor Henry Cavill spoke out against that description, saying:

“I’m not gonna say it is light, because that would be doing it an injustice. It has a serious scenario with moments of humor and lightness peppered throughout, which — as much as people say it isn’t close to reality and as much as this does have senses of very much not being like reality — when people are in bad situations, gallows humor does come into effect. I know a lot of guys in the Armed Forces and a lot of them have a really bizarre sense of humor and it gets you through, and we have those, we have those in this movie.”

That’s an interesting description there. So in many ways, it almost seems like he’s describing the humor in the film as the humor of soldiers trying to make light of a very serious situation, which really is pitch black in nature.

While we’re not sure if that statement will hold true, we can definitely understand his hesitance to call it “light.” At the end of the day, the stakes are hopefully very real, and will still keep audiences at the edge of their seats. The last thing we’d want is for all the teeth of the DCEU to be gone.

What do you think of Cavill’s statements? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: Chris Van Vliet

  • Victor Roa

    ….. maybe no one should interview Cavil because now he’s hiding behind “I know a lot of guys in the armed forces.” FUCK THAT, Everyone has some one in the military. Doesn’t mean you can’t answer a question. Thor was considered the most comical out of all the MCU films and it still had RAGNAROK happen. What everyone is afraid of is Superman returns from the dead and throws a bus full of nuns and boy scouts at the big CG cave troll?

    • Kataimusha


      • Victor Roa

        if you interview Keanu Reeves he will make jokes about himself, throw in how cool it is to work with these guys and just get you excited to see him in Neon Demon. This interview is basically “well, it’s not for you” even when the interviewer is being generous to him.

        • Kataimusha

          I didn’t get that from Cavill. The military comment was about the jokes in justice league when they in a dangerous at all. Cavill has always seemed very pleasant with fans and during interviews.

          • Victor Roa

            I wouldn’t say “dangerous” I’d say more “flippant.” He’s not the worst, but he doesn’t really win everyone over, he’s more like on par with Armie Hammer in interviews when in reality fans prefer Brandon Routh even if he’s in a z grade film like Dylan Dog.

  • Behemothrex

    Oh god all we need is another dark and gritty DC movie. I can see this being completely imbalanced, I mean the trailers make it look like a power rangers movie, so if its going to be dark as well, thats just not going to fly. This thing has failure written all over it.

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