– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Comic book movies have a grand tradition of post-credits scenes. The act of having these scenes has been around for decades, but Marvel Studios really capitalized on it to help tease future films in the franchise, starting with that iconic introduction of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury in Iron Man.

Similarly, DC has used their post-credits scenes in a similar capacity in some of their films — though not all. What about Justice League? Will audiences members actually have to sit around, and if there is a scene or two, are they worth waiting around for?

Yes, absolutely, stick around the theaters until there very end. There’s not one, but two scenes after Justice League. And these aren’t just small-timey waste of time scenes. These scenes are both chockful of fan service in completely different ways.

While I won’t give away what the scenes are (until after audiences have a chance to check out the movie for themselves), I’ll say that they cover two bases. One is a more lighthearted, and one is a scene that sets things up for the future. We are sure that comic fans will delight in both of them.

Will you be sticking around until the end? Also, if you’ve already seen the film, please do not post the actual post-credits scene descriptions down below, out of respect for other fans.

Justice League hits theaters tonight!

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  • Kronx

    I thought it was weird for Wonder Woman and Superman to hook up in a post credits scene, but when Harley Quinn showed up and shot Batman, it really felt like something that should have been in the main film, especially with the Dr. Manhattan and Lobo cameos.

    • Neil Pye

      I just want to know what the meaning is behind the lightning bolt Wonder Woman shaved into her bush. Shazaam? Flash? Someone else? Also felt completely inappropriate and out of place with the rest of the movie

  • Lenin1959

    I don’t know… That Wonder Woman gangbang to bind the JL team together was clearly taken from IT (was left out from the movies but is in the book). Nice work though but Flash finished too fast – who would have guessed?
    That other scene: REALLY? The Hulk doing his puny god scene AGAIN but this time with Superman? And Darth Vader killing Batman in Gotham? Do we really want this shared universe?

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