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As far as lore goes in comic books, fans would like filmmakers to keep as much as possible intact when doing adaptations. The upcoming Justice League film will do away with an important piece of lore concerning Flash’s costume. The film will not showcase the ring that Barry Allen uses to house his superhero suit. Ezra Miller, the actor who plays Flash, spoke with Entertainment Weekly (via Digital Spy) about the change.

“Well, you know, look, I can confirm, spoiler alert, his suit does not pop out of his ring [in the movie]. Things have to progress, you know? Original Barry Allen was clearly an incredibly, incredibly clever scientist. We acknowledge and respect that. We want to apologize to the fans who are mad about the ring thing.

Thats a bummer, but I think it is something that most fans can get past. It also may provide an opportunity for Bruce Wayne to make the suit for Flash, much in the same way Tony Stark made a new suit for Spiderman. Both characters sort of fit into the same role within their superhero teams. From the trailers it appears as if the Justice League version of Flash is just finding his feet, young and naive, especially in the ways of the superhero, so it is possible the ring is being saved for a later film. As Miller explains below, the ring wasn’t easy to incorporate at this point in the DCEU:

“I know the ring is the coolest thing about the DC Universe. It was a little hard for us to sell in this version of this universe right now. Bear with us! There’s gonna be other cool things.”

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Miller’s comments leave us wondering what those other cool things could be. While the ring is a pretty important piece of lore for Flash, it probably won’t stop fans, even hardcore comic book fans, from watching the new team up film. I am left wondering what led to the decision not to use the ring, with today’s tech capabilities it doesn’t seem as if it would be a huge issue to CGI his suit come out of his ring.

What do you think of DC excluding Flash’s ring? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: Digital Spy

  • dsbrown44

    More speculation… If they are going to work in Green Lantern, they may not want to confuse the layman fan with other rings.

    • Seth McDonald

      That is a good point.

  • Madcap2112

    Most theatergoers will never know the difference. Anyway, who cares about the ring.

  • Kronx

    The ring is a distraction. It raises too many other questions.

    For example, if there is the technology to shrink and reduce items, why not extend that application, especially since it would indicate the ability to shrink material other than simple clothing as the Flash’s suit contains more than cloth?

    Think about the applications for trade, travel and exploration.

    It’s a similar issue I had with Ant-man. Why not use that technology to feed the world at a fraction of the cost rather than punch a few bad guys?

    Some classic comic book concepts just don’t translate to modern film… like “boob windows” or any superhero outfit from the ’90s or when a character comes back to life by convincing tiny demons to switch places with him in Heaven for his own immortal soul.

  • Ghost2020

    They didn’t do the Flash’s ring?

    Ugh. End it now. Please. Total failure. How can they recover from this?

  • Victor Roa

    didn’t Zack Snyder say the suit was more science based like a few years ago? It’s more armor for him to go through the Speed Force, until he gets more armor in BvS

  • Anne Martins

    JL might suck. Not because of Snyder, because of Geoff Johns. He is ruining DC FILMS and he has no plan.