– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Last night on the Rotten Tomatoes Facebook show, See It/Skip It, fans finally got a glimpse at the rating Justice League received from the review aggregate site (at least as of 3 PM yesterday).

The rating in question was a disappointing 43 percent. This means that of all the critics that submitted their reviews to the site by 3 PM yesterday (which is an unknown number), only 43 percent of them would recommend the film. This is a definite step up from the 27 percent and 26 percent of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, respectively, but is quite the step down from Wonder Woman’s 92 percent and Man of Steel’s 55 percent.

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As someone who enjoyed the film, this is pretty disappointing. While it was clear that many critics would not enjoy the film, I still personally found it to be a superior film to at least Thor: The Dark World (among other MCU films), and was at least hopeful that it would score around that range on Rotten Tomatoes.

Of course, regardless of the score, there are plenty of fans who would be down to see the film, no matter what. It’ll be interesting to see how this movie performs over the weekend. Additionally, as more reviews roll in, we wonder what direction the reviews will ultimately skew: up or down?

What do you think? Do you have faith that the film could inch its way up through the 50s? Let us know down below!

Justice League hits theaters tonight!

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SOURCE: See It/Skip It

  • J-man The Great

    I like Zack Snyder’s comedies…always good for a boat load of chuckles!

  • Kindofabigdeal

    Wasn’t there an embargo on most critics? I thought I read someone say that. In any case, I don’t rely on critics for my movies, especially if they’re based on comic books.
    Who am I kidding. RIP DCEU.

    • Joseph Jammer Medina

      The embargo was up Tuesday night/wednesday morning, but RT withheld it to promote their Facebook show.

  • FeixPunk

    Time for DC to stop the DCEU and go back with the idea of just individual franchises and every now and then do a JL movie. Don’t worry about continuity, don’t worry about connectivity, don’t even worry about the same actors for JL and individual franchises. I hope for the DC fans it isn’t this bad. I feel bad that you guys can’t see to catch a break.

    • Jeedai Infidel

      I think the problem is that instead of focusing on their own thing and how to portray DC properties on film, they are trying to recreate what the competition is doing, which comes across as blandness that underwhelms even the most hardcore DC fans.

      • Mad Barchetta

        Sounds like you’re saying the DCEU is failing for being too much like the MCU. Is that what you’re saying?

        • FeixPunk

          I think DC is trying to replicate the Marvel product with their own ingredients and recipe. Instead of trying to create their own thing they saw what the MCU had and said ” lets do that but with a completely different approach”. Additionally one of the biggest, and widely accepted, complaints is that WB was less interested in story and characters and more interested in money. Like paramount with TMNT, as long as it makes money, who cares. Just my opinion, but I think it’s mostly WB fault, not necessarily DCs.

          • Jeedai Infidel

            Exactly what my point is. They appeared to be focused on ambition over storytelling by doing what Marvel did instead of making unique experiences, and it shows, unfortunately.

  • Jason Tyler

    “superior to thor ragnarok”

    stopped reading right there. man, this site never ceases to amaze me.

    • Jeedai Infidel

      Unless the article was edited, Thor: The Dark World is the movie he said was inferior.

      • Jason Tyler

        yes, thats exactly what I said…?

        • Jeedai Infidel

          You said Ragnarok and the author said The Dark World, what am I missing here?

  • Smerdyakov

    So are Momoa and Gadot going to be killing each other in Flashpoint?

    • AmiRami

      Nah, I highly doubt that Flashpoint will directly follow the comic. If it were you would need Jeffrey Dean Morgan back as Thomas Wayne/Batman and a seriously thin and slickly looking Henry Cavil for Kal-El.

      Also, if the DCEU is currently pre-Flashpoint, then Cyborg should not be in the league.

  • Mad Barchetta

    So, in the end, it appears that WB/DC did exactly what most people thought they were doing: delaying the reviews/ratings of Justice League as long as possible because they knew they had a turkey on their hands. Great googly moogly! Is there any decision these execs can get right? At all??

    Gonna see it anyway, but it just leaves me thinking these people are cowards.

  • AmiRami

    No doubt Justice League will have a killer opening weekend. But thats not the question. The question is whether or not word of mouth will tank this film. At 43% Warner prob shouldn’t be getting their hopes up.

  • Tonk99

    People who rely on Rotten Tomatoes to inform them as to the quality of a movie are cretinous sheep. I saw JL last night. It was great. So the ‘critics’ can eat a bag.

    • MoyBoto

      Yes! We should just mindlessly give away our money to watch every movie that hollywood markets to us without listening to anyone’s critique.

      • Tonk99

        Why don’t you, I dunno… go watch a movie simply because the subject matter, themes, actors, look, tone appeals to you? Why don’t you, maybe trust your own instincts and opinions rather than rely on the opinions of others? Or are you just another Millennial who expects everything to be done for you?

        • MoyBoto

          I think everyone already naturally makes decisions to watch movies taking into account subject matter, themes, actors and initial looks. Word of mouth is just another variable to help one’s decision on how to spend their time/money. Why do you immediately discount critics and word of mouth as one more factor to weigh in on?

          And why are you so angry at “millenials” and those who look at rottentomatoes? Does insulting them make you feel better when people don’t agree with you? Sometimes it’s okay to be wrong and to admit that you may just like a movie that most people don’t.

          • Tonk99

            “And why are you so angry at “millenials””

            Because a large proportion of them are lazy, self-entitled, ignorant shits.

            “and those who look at rottentomatoes?”

            See previous reason.

            “Does insulting them make you feel better when people don’t agree with you?”


            “Sometimes it’s okay to be wrong”

            I’m not wrong.

            “and to admit that you may just like a movie that most people don’t.”

            You’re confusing ‘people’ with critics.

          • MoyBoto

            You addressed everything but my points about the actual topic of critics.
            Anyway, you must hate a whole lot of people.
            And I don’t think I’m confusing “people” with critics because people are clearly voting on JL with their money

            Its easy to judge and make generalizations on people you don’t know instead of examining the flaws in your own heart. In all honesty, you come across as representing the worst part of the term “millenial”. According to a quick wikipedia search they exhibit ” a sense of entitlement and narcissism” being “characterized by attention-seeking behavior, power and dominance”. How ironic.

  • DAH

    I think the problem here is like the Old English saying ‘Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen..Will Spoil The Soup…” They are trying to hard to please the general public as a whole…..which will forever leave the end product muddled as you cannot please everyone…..when any Art should be about pleasing yourself first….and pushing the boundries to places maybe others will not go…instead of just ‘crowd pleasing’….make yourself happy with the work….then ‘most’ of the rest (General Public) will follow suit….and be pleased themselves…

  • Aaron James

    I honestly think that DC’s first instinct was a good one: make the prestige superhero movies that would come off as the more serious, more dramatic answer to Marvel’s lighthearted candy.

    The problem is, they backed the wrong horse to do it. Snyder wasn’t the right director for the job, and David S. Goyer definitely wasn’t the right writer for the job (Goyer has written zero good movies). And what they made was a bunch of really bad movies (sorry, Marvel may make candy fluff, but it’s competent candy – more than competent, in many cases).

    At this point, they clearly feel like they need to massively course correct over to candy fluff. But they’re throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Maybe they’ll eventually be able to establish a franchise as robust as Marvel’s off this terrible foundation, but it seems like they’ll forever be playing second fiddle if they do that.

    They’d be better off doing a full reboot. Get Daren Aronofsky to make a new Superman movie. See if Denis Villeneuve would be interested in doing Batman (after he does Dune, of course). Get Soderbergh to do Justice League…but only after all the members have been established in their own movies.

  • Madcap2112

    This will still make a shitload of cash, so I doubt this is the end of the DCEU. But i think it’s sayonara to Snyder. No matter how much this makes, the brass at WB will still crap on him because it could have made more with better reviews. They’ll probably look at Jenkins and decide to either offer it to her, or look for someone like her to do the next one.

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