Director Seth Gordon Leaves 'Uncharted' Flick, Here’s Why

– by Joseph Medina

Sorry, Nathan Drake fans, but it’s a dark day in “Uncharted” territory, as the film adaptation has officially lost its director, Seth Gordon (“Horrible Bosses”).

It’s no secret that Sony has been looking to adapt the already-cinematic video game into a feature film. It’s fun, it’s adventurous, and it carries the DNA of “Indiana Jones,” so why wouldn’t it be a good fit?

That hasn’t stopped the process from being chockfull of problems. If you’ve followed the history of the project, you know it’s been in development on and off for a good while. But in early 2014, director Seth Gordon was tapped to helm the project, and it finally seemed like it would finally move forward.

According to TheWrap, the reason for Gordon’s departure departure comes in the form of the new Sony chief Tom Rothman, who took up his new position at the company in February of this year following the Sony hack that led to the departure of Amy Pascal.

“Uncharted” had apparently been a huge question mark for Rothman ever since he took over the studio, and when he opted to take it in a different creative direction, which led to Gordon’s exit.

According to Heroic Hollywood, Gordon wanted to make the film more “Indiana Jones,” while Rothman wanted to cut the budget and make it more “Resident Evil.” This is quite the interesting turn of events. While "Resident Evil" has indeed been successful at what it does, they are by no means considered quality films. And with the success of "Jurassic World," you'd think Rothman would want something with a potential to explode, rather than the potential to simply last.

Regardless of whatever Rothman intended, this definitely seems like a backward step for a franchise that could do the video game movie genre some good. 

Video game movies are a nut filmmakers have been trying to crack for years. Sure it’s had its okay adaptations every so often (the “Resident Evil” fan base has managed to keep that franchise alive a lot longer than expected), but on the whole, ever since the much-maligned “Super Mario Bros.” movie hit theaters in 1993, video game flicks have always come with a sort of stigma attached to them.

But that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from trying. From “Prince of Persia” to “Hitman: Agent 47,” they sure are trying their hardest to turn video games into the next big “comic book movie” craze—so far to little success. Of course, one of the biggest challenges in adapting is the fact that video games are often more concerned with gameplay than story (imagine that!).  This doesn’t necessarily lend itself well to the film medium, and is one of the many reasons the genre has yet to thrive.

Given that “Uncharted” is one of the more cinematic franchises (and admittedly, video games as a whole are getting more cinematic each generation), it would be a smooth transition to the big screen.

Let’s hope that Gordon bailing on the project won’t put it at another long standstill on the flick. Do any of you want to see an “Uncharted” movie, or do you think it’s a franchise best suited for the consoles?

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