– by Joseph Jammer Medina

One thing that Marvel Cinematic Universe has done fairly well is actually make Peter Parker’s homemade suit look relatively homemade. Rather than slowly have the badass suit come out of the blue, with no real explanation, the cool suit is tech made by Tony Stark. Personally, I like it.

It’s realistic and it’s believable. But not every aspect is believable. If you’ll notice, in his homemade suit, Peter’s goggles are ridiculously expressive. Speaking with visual effects supervisor Theo Bialek, Screen Rant ask how they could justify that being made by a teenager.

“Didn’t really [laughs]. The iris shield – I think that was one of the things that I feel that Marvel brought to us. You wanna keep your relatable and be able to emote and I think that that was the mechanism for it, regardless of the suit. Look, when he has the hood and you can’t see his face, you still want to be able to have him emote and get those laughs or the subtlty and the expression that you don’t have when he has a mask on – if you have iris-closing eye shields you can simulate that. So I think that was the prime focus of that.”

So there you have it. It’s not quite the believable tech we hoped it would be, but rather an attempt to keep the character relatable even with his mask on. Ultimately, it was probably a good move, especially since the third act consists of Peter almost exclusively in that suit.

What do you think? Was this a good move from the filmmakers? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: Screen Rant

  • Big Daddy

    It bothered me a bit initially, but then I created my own elaborate back story about how Peter created them using a low-end version of the Alien Technology and I felt better. 😛

  • Kronx

    Do I want expressive eyes or Spider-man ripping his mask off every 5 minutes so we can verify he’s exhibiting emotions? I’ll take the former and chalk it up to a necessary evil.

    But it reminds me of one of the things Marvel does that I can’t stand… genius kids. I’m all for smart kids, but they go waaaaaay overboard with what kids can do.

    Not only does Peter have to be a master of chemistry and mechanical/electrical engineering, but he also has to make his inventions, which, I guess, means he sneaks into the local foundry at night and somehow knows how to make custom molded metal devices?

    And he does it all in the few short months from gaining his powers and the first appearance of Spider-man.

    Oh well, I guess if one guy can make an armored suit in a cave anything can happen. In for a penny, in for a pound.

  • Dakkar

    Peter Parker was a science nerd long before he was Spider-Man. I like that camera-like irising goggles, chemical webbing and mechanical web-shooters remind us of that. The organic web-shooters always felt a little skeezy to me.

  • Kratos

    i finally managed to catch this flick last week…decent enough…but it struck me odd that peter couldn’t remember the name of that “really old movie” (the empire strikes back) he was referencing in CA:CW while swinging around giant/ant-man’s legs….but in homecoming its blatantly obvious that he’s a total star wars nerd with all the action figures and toys he has around his room.

  • Brian Moran

    I didn’t go into the control system (i.e. how the lenses knew what expression to make), but my headcanon was just that me rigged them up out of camera shutters. Went with the whole photographer schtick.

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