– by Seth McDonald

Take this bit of news with a huge grain of cinematic salt, but according to OmegaUnderground, the villain of the Gambit movie will be Candra the Benefactress. The information comes from a source that claims they know the movie’s character list. The character made an appearance in an episode of the 90s animated X-men series. Candra’s abilities include, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, accelerated healing and slowed aging. She can also awaken dormant mutant genes, giving the person super powers, and just as easily take those powers away.

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As we all well know, sometimes the rumor mill pays off, other times, not so much, but Candra being the villain would make sense, as it was Gambit that broke Candra’s deal with both the Assassins and Thieves Guild. Veteran director Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Rango) recently signed on to direct the film, so if the Candra rumor turns out to be true, the film will really start to take shape, finally.

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Source: OmegaUnderground