– by Seth McDonald

An argument as heated as Star Wars vs Star Trek, the debate of which is better, Marvel or DC, is a long standing one within the nerd community. In an interview with Channel NewsAsia, the cast of DC’s upcoming superhero team up film, Justice League, gave their thoughts on the Marvel vs. DC rivalry, and what a crossover could bring.

Ben Affleck –

“I think it would be great I’m sure if it could be successful for everybody people would like to do it, I don’t see why not, it’s a great idea”

Ray Fisher –

“I been a huge DC fan since I was growing up, and I had friends who were huge fans of Marvel. Batman would always win, I would always find a way for Batman beat anybody, no matter what universe they were in.”

Gal Gadot –

“I must tell you, that I do like, and I have friends who do Marvel movies, and I think there is room for all of us in a way. I would love for both worlds to collide.”

Henry Cavill –

“I think the rivalry lives in the fans more so than it does in us. For all of us that are making these movies, and I’m sure for the comic book artists and writers. It’s, they have been rivals in the past, but now its just about celebrating these characters.”

Jason Momoa –

“I would love to be, hell yeah, Hemsworth, I love him, and then its like to be next to Thor, or even to be next to The Hulk and be like [looking up], and just get whacked by him.”

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My thoughts are a Justice League vs. Avengers battle would come down to a few factors:

1. Is Green Lantern in on this? Or only characters that we have seen on screen?

2.Would Superman be susceptible to Thor’s powers?

3. Who is smarter, Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne?

Answers to these questions would enable me to make a more informed decision, but as of right now, I will take the Justice League over the Avengers. I will let all of you fight it out, keep it civil folks!

Justice league vs. The Avengers? Who would win? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: Channel NewsAsia

  • Jerry Nice

    They did a very cool crossover in the 90’s, where the concept was that each universes greatest heroes had to battle, in order to see which universe survives. I believe the fights went like this:

    Batman vs. Captain America – Batman wins
    Superman vs. Hulk – Superman wins
    Wolverine vs. Lobo – Wolverine wins
    Green Lantern vs. Silver Surfer – Surfer wins
    Aquaman vs. Namor – Aquaman wins (hilarious fight – I think a whale lands on Namor)
    Flash vs. Quicksilver – Flash wins
    Spiderman vs. Superboy – Spiderman wins
    Thor vs. Shazam (I think) – Thor wins (I think – Kind of wish it were Thor vs. WW here)

    There were more, like Robin vs. Jubilee, but they just ended up falling in love & he quietly knocked her out (haha).

    I would love to see a similar plotline happen over a film. MAKE IT HAPPEN, HOLLYWOOD.

    • RX178

      Batman is such a Marty Sue.

  • jonathing
  • Kronx

    They’ve crossed over in the comics, and beyond fan service, I don’t think anything meaningful has ever come of it.

    It doesn’t matter what the match-up is, the outcome ultimately comes down to whatever the writers feel like writing. There are scenarios where any one beats any of the others and vice versa. But to answer your questions…

    Thor isn’t the enemy Superman would need to worry about. Dr. Strange would hand Superman his ass because Supes is vulnerable to magic, and Dr. Strange can teleport him to a galaxy with a red sun. Or Scarlet Witch would be a huge problem as well.

    Who’s smarter Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark? Tony Stark. By far…. the guy built a working Iron Man suit in a cave. That’s a suit that would take teams of scientists years to make.

    But is that the right question? Who’s the better tactician? Bruce Wayne. But really that fight comes down to who knows they’re going to fight first?

    • Seth McDonald

      Right, I forgot about Strange being involved now, he has straight up magic. I guess it would ultimately come down to The Presence vs The One Above All, if we just kept going up the ladders.

    • AmiRami

      Thats what Dr Fate is for 😛

    • Jerry Nice

      Bruce is the greatest detective in the world. If you think Tony would beat Bruce (“by far”) you’re probably a homer…In hand to hand combat, it’s over before Tony can blink.

      For a guy that’s faced (and beaten) Superman, you’d think he’d have a plan to counteract his suit of armor. I don’t see your “argument” being a reason why he’s “by far” the favorite to win that match.

      • el spider hombre

        stark ftw ALL day, everyday! and like kronx said “by far!”. not even close

        tony is a notch below reed richards in intellect. the dude’s brain game is legit!

        how smart is batty? well, he’s got a belt. so that’s something. and somehow he hasn’t been charged with sexual harassment by robin…yet. so, yeah. i guess he’s pretty crafty?? :/

        this “hand to hand” combat, or “prep time” that bat fan boys ALWAYS bring up is utterly hilarious. the reason that someone like stark doesn’t “need” to know fisticuffs, is along the same reason why supes doesn’t need to either: they don’t NEED it. the advantage that they have (supes’ god like abilities, physiology, perception of time, etc and stark’s superior technology that makes batman’s gizmos look like he bought them at a walmart clearance sale) are beyond anything that batman can compete with, which is why he needs these extra skills.

        all these hypothetical “what if” situations (what if tony doesn’t have his suit? what if superman is mistakenly eating kryptonite ice cream?) are ludicrous. you’re hoping that your bat boy can somehow “get lucky” in a far fetched situation like this so that he can not embarrass himself.

        so, just to appease your character’s sense of self worth, yes. in bizarre situations like those he probably does have the upper hand. maybe. although, i think in a drunken stupor, tony stark may even be able to tap into some innate drunken master karate skills! and smash the wine jug over wayne’s noggin’ and BOOM. game over. alfred will be nursing a crying, little bat dud forever.

        but in the remaining 90% + times where these “lucky” and “bizarre” situations don’t exist? your boy is bat toast!

      • Kronx

        I said Tony was SMARTER by far. I didn’t say he would win.

  • TheOct8pus

    Someone needs to do an Amalgam comics trilogy

  • Victor Roa

    fanboy rivalry, might as well argue could a Star Wars Millennium Falcon fight the Star Trek Enterprise?