– by Joseph Jammer Medina

If you’ve been following the Thor: Ragnarok production, you may have noticed some real changes over time. Back when the movie was shooting, some shots leaked out of Anthony Hopkins dressed as Odin in the middle of New York, looking pretty much like a homeless man.

However, in the completed film, he’s actually off chilling in Norway. Director Taika Waititi has mentioned in the past that they did shift some scenes from New York to Norway in the interest of making things less convenient, but it turns out there’s another reason.

Speaking with Empire, the director discussed the original Odin scenes:

“What we wanted originally was for Thor and Loki to find Odin in New York, living on the streets, Fisher King style… There was something really cool and interesting about that, and I think that might be on the DVD, that version. But something about having him there and then dying made a lot of audiences in our test screenings feel too sorry for him. It was such a bummer seeing the great king of Asgard stuck in New York. We preferred the idea he’d be in some mystical Norse environment.”

As we now see in the finished film, he’s now in Norway. While the CG may not be the greatest in the world, we think it does have the desired effect of making Odin’s years less sad and helpless. At least in this version, he’s more of a master of his own fate and was actually able to travel somewhere relatively nice to settle in and resign to his fate.

What do you think of this change? let us know down below!

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SOURCE: Empire

  • Victor Roa

    huh, that’s remarkably honest. We as fan get hung up on shots in trailers, and yeah, we all saw Homeless Hopkins with the eypatch leaked on the net….. just surprised Taika was so honest about it and keeping it on DVD extras.

  • Ghost2020

    The CGI was pretty jarring.

    It was a good scene though. One of the true moments in the film. The other version would be very interesting. I hope it’s on the dvd.

    • Jason Tyler

      yea…which makes me wonder…IF we notice it after one viewing, dont’ the powers that be notice it too? How does that make it through is what I wanna know

      • Ghost2020

        I’ve often thought that. Maybe they’re too close to the project and don’t see It?
        Or it’s a last minute thing?

        • Jason Tyler

          Still, if actors can’t spill the beans in random interviews around the world because “marvel is watching” – how does shitty CGI slip through the cracks? Why isn’t marvel watching that? LOL

          • agooseontheloose

            Definitely a last minute thing.
            I couldn’t help but notice the terribly tracked string of his eye patch wobbling around all over his forehead.

  • TamosC

    There are different ways they could have played it, if he had powers why did he stay in the home until it was destroyed. how did he get to Norway? You could have still had him in New York but still had him holding court but helping all the street folks to show him as a true king regardless of wealth or power.

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